Artitan Trail Camera for High-Quality and Quick Image Capture

Artitan Trail Camera for High-Quality and Quick Image Capture

A good outdoor game camera, when you go hunting, will allow you to see things that would be impossible to see with the naked eye. A  device like the Artitan trail camera is a simple tool powered by advanced technology. Today, there are several of them on the market, which makes it difficult to choose. However, there are a number of features that are a must in this type of outdoor photographic equipment.

For one, it has higher megapixels which means that the resolution of the photos will be higher too. So, you can enlarge or zoom into them without losing any clarity. Second, it has a high-speed trigger which makes it capable of capturing clear images of animals even if they are running. These also have a high detection range which would mean that anyone who passes in the path of the range can be detected automatically. Lastly, discreet capturing of images is possible since they have infrared sensors.

There are other essential features that you need to look for. However, that will be based on your preference. Hence, if you are on a lookout for one, we will make things easier for you as we will review a few of the top-rated deer cameras.

Artitan Trail Camera Features

The Artitan is a fantastic model that is loaded with endless features. Let us list each of them for you in detail.




This model is available in two variants. You can either choose the model with 12 megapixels or the other model which boasts 16 megapixels. The latter is a newer and an upgraded version of the previous model.


As mentioned earlier, it is available in 12 and 16 megapixels. The 16-megapixel sensor is capable of capturing full-color pictures during the day, and at night it can capture pictures in black and white. You can also opt to lower the resolution to 12, eight, five, three, and even one megapixel.

The sensor records videos with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and in full HD along with audio. The length of the videos can range anywhere between three seconds and 30 seconds. The Artitan trail camera can automatically detect animal and people movement through its highly sensitive PIR motion sensor. This therefore triggers the camera.

Trigger Speed

An excellent trigger speed is an absolute must for a good hunting camera. In fact, that is why you will be happy to know that the trigger time for this product is only 0.6 seconds. The trigger is programmable and has intervals ranging from five seconds to an hour. Moreover, there is also a multi-shot mode that can capture up to three images which ensures that every moment is captured.

Glow and Range

This model has no glow that would disturb animals and other people, and it will ensure that it blends into the natural surroundings. In terms of its range, it features a 60-degree detection angle, and its detection range goes all the way up to 65 feet.

Waterproofing and Memory

It is built with robust materials and has a very sturdy design. It comes with an IP65 waterproof rating and can also withstand being outside for hours. As per memory, you can save all your precious data with ease as the camera comes with a capacity of 32GB sd memory card.


The Artitan Trail Camera functions on eight AA-sized batteries, and they provide you a six-month standby time. Additionally, it also adopts the reverse battery protection circuits. This means that it is capable of preventing any damage to the internal wiring and electronics if there comes a possibility of accidental short-circuiting or any other operations that could potentially damage the unit.

Password Protection

No longer do you have to be worried about your sensitive data from prying eyes. This is because the Artitan Trail Camera comes with a four-character password in order to use it.


You will get a one-year warranty with purchase of the Artitan Trail Camera. In addition, the manufacturer offers fantastic after-sale service. In case you find any issues, you can reach out to them, and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

What You Might Like:

  • Two variants to choose from
  • Clear daytime videos and photos
  • Long battery life
  • It takes pictures in a fast manner
  • It can capture multiple images in one shot
  • Animals will not notice the camera 
  • It can detect movements at a far distance
  • Battery and inner circuits are well protected
  • Good customer service
  • It can be used even when it is drizzling or raining
  • Comes along with a year-long warranty

What You Might Not Like:

  • Pictures and videos shot at night might not be the clearest


The Artitan Camera is a brilliant model that has been manufactured by a company that offers a warranty and good after sales customer support. It is capable of producing clear images and HD videos, but the quality may be lower when such are taken during the night. In addition, you are assured that you will not miss any running or moving animals since this has a fast trigger speed and can even capture up to three images with one click.

Running out of battery and memory will not be a problem with the Artitan Trail Camera. This is unless you have forgotten to transfer photos and videos that you have taken during your multiple trips.

Privacy and security-wise, you are assured that no one can operate your unit unless you give them the password.


Comparing the Artitan Trail Camera with other products will be helpful in making your final buying decision.


The first model is the Enkeeo Trail Camera because it also has a detection range of 65 feet and also comes with a 12-month warranty. Likewise, it also has a fast trigger speed and 32GB memory SD card. However, this has longer battery life and has night vision that can make night images clear.

Although the Enkeeo Trail Cam can record videos at a resolution of 1080P hd, it only has a 12-megapixel sensor, which means that the quality would suffer. It also has a low glow, which is not as good as its counterpart and is slightly visible. Lastly, this model only has an IP54 waterproof rating in comparison to the Artitan Trail Camera’s IP65, which is better.

Browning Strike Force

Another great model is the Browning Strike Force Pro HD. It features 18MP resolution for clear picture quality. You can watch the action in color on a 1.5-inch screen. This model has a red glow which means it does not light up, but it gives off a faint glow infrared flash when you take pictures or videos at night. It finds game through detecting heat and movement. It works best for detection between 3 and 20 feet of distance. The Browning Strike Force Pro HD is a highly recommended model to purchase for hunting, or even security uses. There are several Browning Trail cameras to check out.

Stealth Cam

Last is the Stealth Cam G42 N-glo STC-G42N. This model comes packed with great features to help you get your trophy deer. It captures high quality 10mp pictures and five to 180 second of high definition videos with audio. It also has no glo 42 black IR emitters that allow up to 100 feet of visibility range in the dark that will not spook nighttime game or intruders.

Built-in Retina low light sensitivity technology catches light and disperses IR illumination to create a more detailed, evenly lit scene too. The Matrix blur reduction take super crisp images of moving objects in IR mode. It also has multi-zone detection that offers more accurate coverage, while the reflex trigger snaps pictures in under a second. Rapid-fire burst mode is cool too that takes up to 9 photos after being triggered. The time lapse mode catches images of game over set periods of time. It offers fast setup with pre-programmed or manual modes.

Before we get to the verdict we want to mention Primos Hunting Products, they have some of the best game calls to help bring them right to you. This is so that you can get the best pictures.


The Artitan Trail Camera can be considered one of the best trail cameras for anyone who loves to capture images during the daytime or nighttime. Its standout features include a high-speed trigger, along with a 16-megapixel sensor with full HD video recording capabilities and an IP65 waterproof rating. It gives you a battery standby time of six months, making it your great buy.

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