Banks Feeders – Outdoors Feed Bank Gravity Feeder Review

Are you worried that the deer might not have enough food to eat during the winter? Do you want to entice them to come into your yard? Do you have a specific location in mind? Whether you are a photographer, or simply a homeowner who wants deer in your yard, Banks feeders offer great products that will help you achieve your goals.

Most feeders comes in different sizes and shapes. Basic feeders distribute a food mixture for the wildlife. They vary mostly because of the design. Some feeders like the on time deer feeder have features like programmable LCD timers, while others distribute the feed through gravity.

Banks feeders come at varying costs that range from under $100 to more than $1,000. Choose something that is of good quality so that it will be a good investment.

What kind of feeder are you looking for? One important factor to consider is the durability. The feeder should be made with strong materials that withstand damage, shocks, and weather. It should be stable on the spot you chose to place it.

Another factor is how it distributes the feed—do you want to schedule it to release food a few times a day, or simply make the feed available to the deer at any time?

If you want something that does not require a power source or any features that have to be programmed, one is suitable for your need: the Banks Outdoors Feed Bank Gravity Feeder. It is one of the best-selling feeders that will give you value for the money you spend on it. Learn more about this product below.


Banks Outdoors Gravity Fed Post Mounted Weatherproof Feed Bank Deer and Game Hunting Feeder with 300 Pound Capacity, Green


Banks Feeders Features

  • This Banks feeder is made with an ultraviolet-stabilized polyethylene container without any mechanical parts that might get broken. Therefore, this kind of device stands even in harsh weather conditions
  • It makes the feed available at any time. It has four adjustable feeding ports that enable you to regulate the flow of the feed
  • This model can hold up to 300 pounds of deer feed mix. It provides enough food for the deer without the need to regularly refill it
  • The deer will simply find it easy to use. It has a middle pole design that does not have any obstacles. Each food port also has a closed waterproof overlapping door to keep the feed fresh
  • Easy to install. Simply dig a 3’ hole in the ground to support an 8’ 4” x 4” pole. It can also be set up on fence post, tree, or any stable posts

Product Points

Just like any other products the Banks feeders comes with pros and cons, but unlike others, it has more pros than cons. The following are a list of the best product points that are worth noting.


  • No mechanical parts
  • Withstands weather
  • Waterproof
  • Keeps feed fresh
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to mount anywhere
  • 4 Adjustable feed ports
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • No batteries needed
  • Well built design


This model of Banks feeders is a very good one except with one minor flaw: Raccoons and squirrels may get to the feed through the feed ports. Unfortunately, due to the changing nature of the world, animals like these are going to find anyway to get to the food they’re looking for.

If you’re worried about it, there are many ways to control varmints, which can include installing a varmint guard.


Overall this model ticks off many of the requirements for one of the best deer feeders on the market. As stated above the feed ports are open that will not keep other wildlife away from getting inside. But other than this, the feeder has many useful advantages.

This gravity feeder provides a long-term food supply for the deer. This means that it has a large capacity of up to 300 lbs. that provides feed for longer time. Therefore, you won’t have to constantly refill it. It also has 4 adjustable ports that allow you to control the amount of feed.

When it comes to construction, this Banks feeders model is built with a watertight UV-stabilized polyethylene container that withstands any weather condition. It is built well with a large cover that makes feed filling easy and keeps feed fresh. In addition, each food port has waterproof overlapping doors to keep the food fresh and free from unwanted elements.

This model is very easy to mount. To clarify, it can be installed on a 4”x4” post, tree, or fence. What’s more, it does not require batteries or any other power source. In fact, many customers are happy with their purchase: They say that it is well built, durable, and reliable.

It might have one flaw but overall, but this model of the Banks feeders; the Outdoors Feed Bank Gravity Feeder is a very good investment for deer lovers and budding photographers. Buy one now and start feeding the deer the easy way.

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