What are the Best Devices for Deer Calls?

When attempting to attract deer to your general vicinity, you need to make them think that you are one of them. Aside from dressing up to be one of their own (something that is not advised), you’ll will want to find the best devices for deer calls on the market.

This is a whistle-type of calling mechanism, which when you blow into it, helps you replicate the noise which that particular species of deer will make to other deer around. If you do this during optimum times, e.g. mating season, you are also much more likely to gain success.

So, what do you need to know about deer calls?

Basically, the first thing is that deer calls are not all the same. Whilst an elephant will make a standard noise, there are dialects which work from herd to herd to herd, and species to species, but when you move into thinking about deer, there are totally different noises which work from species to species. It can be complicated, and this is where research is required.

When you decide where you are going to be spending your time, you need to research into the particular species of deer that are prevalent in that area. It’s no good making whitetail deer calls, if there are no white-tailed deer to be found in that area.

Similarly, if you are trying to attract elk, making the elk call in an area here there are more mule deer around, is simply going to confuse the animals, rather than attract them; of course, you might get the odd inquisitive deer who is wondering who on earth is making that noise, it’s much more likely to make them scarper off in the opposite direction, thinking there is a threat or imposter around.

Knowing the types of deer species in your area, is the first step in identifying the most effective deer calling device for your needs.

Once you know what type of deer you’re likely to encounter in the area you’re visiting, you need to know the types of calls you should be listening out for. Again, this is down to research. You will find countless deer call devices on the market, but you need the one for the deer species you are trying to attract.

Price isn’t always the right way to go here, because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean quality. From there, you can browse the best deer call devices to find your ideal choice.

How to Use a Deer Call

Deer call sounds are something that are not is easy to master, and you should certainly practice before you go live in the wild. There are around four main deer calls you should master.

  • Grunt Call – This particular call is one which you need to master completely. This will attract males in abundance, and it works on most different common species of deer you will find in the wild. This means you don’t need to change dialect or anything else when working with this call.
  • Antler Rattling – Whilst this particular call isn’t as effective as the grunt call, it is one which will attract the attention of the most curious deer, especially the younger ones. This call replicates the sound of clashing antlers, when a conflict arises during mating season in particular. This will then pull the attention of deer who are passing. Again, this will pull the male deer, rather than the female.
  • Fawn Bleat – This particular call, as you would guess from the name, attracts female deer in particular, especially in heavily wooded areas. When the fawn comes your way, you may also notice a male following close behind her, especially during mating season.
  • Snort Wheeze – When attempting this call, you should exercise two short bursts of breath and then follow it up with a longer burst, to complete the call to the best of your ability. This particular call will bring in the large males, because it is a call which stands for dominance, and if you can find a buck in the area who wants to be the alpha, this call will bring him your way.

There are of course several other deer calls you can learn, and these will bring you even more armoury to your hunting efforts, but if you want to start out with success, these calls are the ones you need to master first of all. Head online and check out deer calling video tutorials to really help you find ways to get your call to the most natural standard as possible, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other fellow hunters you come into contact with.

Large and reliable hunting websites will all be able to point you in the right direction in terms of the best deer call devices on the market. Reviews are everything here, and big named brands are often the way to go if you want quality from the get-go. One of the best rated and highly recommended on the market is the extinguisher deer call.

It is of course all about how you use it; you could by the best deer caller in the world, but if you can’t use it properly, and if you send the wrong bursts of air through the device, then you’re simply not going to replicate the noise you need, and you’re going to scare off the deer in the area, rather than attract them your way.

Of course, the best time to attract males to your vicinity is to master the dominant mating calls, and to know the optimum times to head out hunting in the area you’re based in, as well as knowing the general behaviour of the deer species which are prevalent in that region too.

Learning how to master deer calls effectively isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it is certainly not the hardest part of hunting either. Practice really does make perfect here, so this is the first port of call you need to focus on, after you have purchased the best deer caller for you.

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