Boss Buck Feeder Review

When it comes to protein wildlife feeders, the Boss Buck Grain Feeder is a notch above the rest. With its patent hopper design, this all-in gravity feeder offers you a user-friendly, maintenance free, and durable product that is guaranteed to give deer an optimum feed experience.

The Boss Buck Feeder is created to encompass all your needs, with the flexibility to gravity feed protein in the summer and spring seasons, whilst converting to an automatic feeding system in the colder seasons, providing you with an incredibly versatile product that ensures deer are fed all year round.

What Do Deer Feeders Do For You

With evolving weather conditions, mother nature doesn’t always provide the ideal conditions for ensuring that deer are well fed and looked after, forcing land managers to implement their own supplemental feeding programs in the form of deer feeders.

Not only do deer feeders ensure that deer are fed in the correct and most accessible way, but they have also become an important product for animal lovers and hunters alike. By providing the deer with the right amount of grain and protein, the feeders guarantee they are receiving the right nutrition all year long through a supplemental feed program.

Like any product, deer feeders come in a variety of sizes, designs, uses, and prices. Therefore finding the right feeder for the needs of your deer is imperative. For most, deer feeding during the summer and spring seasons can be done with relative ease. The colder seasons, however, tend to be more difficult.

Simple and consistent feeding during winter is a big concern for deer managers. This makes deer feeders a key product in ensuring that deer and other wildlife survive the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall that occur in certain states.

Alongside protein and grains, deer also require a variety of macro and micro-minerals. These needs are generally fulfilled by vegetation, a salt lick, or by eating soil in natural licks. Therefore it is imperative for deer owners to identify any limiting factors on their property throughout each season to ensure they know precisely which protein feeders their deer require.

Why The Boss Buck Feeder

Boss Buck Feeders have been described by many as versatile and hassle-free products. Compared to other gravity fed deer feeders, its unique custom design consists of a 10° angle, 4″ ID, and a 1″ overhang.

Tough, yet lightweight, this gravity-fed design has been created to hold up to 200 lbs of corn, protein or supplement with a sturdy 2-in-1 four piece galvanized steel leg system that is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

One of the vital features of the Boss Buck Feeder which sets it apart from other feeders is its maintenance-free hopper design. This innovative feature converts the feeder from a gravity-fed setup to battery-powered automatic setup quickly and with ease.

By simply removing the extension from the four-piece leg system, and adding a three-way gravity head, this feeder will ensure that your deer are fed year long with little effort on your part.

This deer feeder is perfect for any location or season. Its ability to evenly distribute feed, as well as allow you to control the flow of almost all types of feed make it a popular choice. As a result, the Boss Buck Feeder has been described as one of the most user-friendly and adaptable feeder systems on the market.

Overview of the Main Features

Galvanized Steel Hardware and Hassle Free System

Unlike many deer feeders on the market, the Boss Buck Feeder prides itself on its sturdy galvanized steel hardware, with 14 gauge galvanized steel legs and stainless steel inserts. By utilizing galvanized steel hardware, you are guaranteed a long-lasting product, which is corrosion resistant, ensuring your feeder can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Boss Buck Feeder includes a double-walled hatch lid, ensuring the hopper system is able to breathe. This eliminates the possibility of unnecessary condensation and at the same time achieves the ambient temperature far quicker than steel or fiberglass feeders.

The unique patented system design includes an internal cone that ensures all feed is distributed evenly to all three ports. Not only does the Boss Buck Feeder have a 3-way inner sleeve that gives you full control over the flow of feed, but the system is also able to process almost all feed shapes and sizes which ensures you are not limited in any way.

Unique Gravity System

What makes the Boss Buck Feeder a great product on the market is its unique gravity-fed design which has been specifically designed to hold up to 200 lbs of corn or supplement. The gravity-fed system includes three uniquely designed feed ports, featuring a 10° angle, 4″ ID, and a 1″ overhang.

Described as one of the most easy-to-use feeders on the market, its versatile 2-in-1 galvanized steel system is able to quickly and easily convert from a gravity-fed system to a battery-powered system in no time.

This unique gravity feeder offers you a protein-pellet gravity-feeding system, that allows you the flexibility to gravity-feed during the warmer seasons, and have the option to convert to an automatic system in the colder seasons within seconds.

The gravity style of the Boss Buck Feeder removes the need to rely solely on battery power, whilst still enabling you to provide the same volume and quality of feed to your deer. With this unique gravity system, you no longer have to waste time replacing motors every year, which is sometimes the case with other deer feeders for sale.

Perfect for any Season or Location

One of the main concerns regarding deer feeders on the market are the effects of diverse weather conditions on the feeder system. This is because during the colder months or in rougher weather conditions, feeders are not always fully accessible. Unfortunately, it is during these times that the feeder’s ability to disperse feed may be adversely affected.

The Boss Buck Feeder aims to alleviate these problems through its versatile design which has been created to ensure you are able to feed your deer in any season or location.

During the colder seasons, landowners may not have access to many parts of their land; therefore it is imperative to have a deer feeder that is self-sufficient and still able to function at optimum levels without having to be constantly maintained.

With its unique ability to convert from a gravity system to an automatic system, The Boss Buck Feeder ensures that your deer will be fed all year long. As you know, this is imperative, especially in states that are affected by large volumes of snow and rain.

This feature also extends to remote feeding locations where access may be limited to ATV’s or pedestrian thoroughfare only. The Boss Buck Feeder is fully equipped to be placed in those out-of-the-way spots and promises to still offer you the same quality deer feed.


Purchasing a deer feeder is certainly an investment. So, as with any product, durability is vital. Not only is the Boss Buck Feeder low-maintenance and versatile, but it’s also incredibly durable.

From its all galvanized hardware and tough roto-molded plastic to its sturdy four-legged base, this feeder prides itself in its unparalleled Boss Buck quality. It has been created to alleviate almost all common problems found in other deer feeders on the market, focusing on optimum ventilation, corrosion avoidance, and most importantly, being maintenance free.

Another key feature that makes the Boss Buck Feeder durable and long lasting is its secure double walled hatch lid. This nifty feature was added to prevent raccoons and squirrels from opening it up to scavenge. Though secure, the lid is still easy to open and refill.

The Boss Buck protein and corn feeders for deer have been specifically designed to withstand almost any conditions and has been reviewed by many users as tough, solid, adaptable and an incredibly wise investment.

What We Like

  • Unique custom design – giving you control of feed flow
  • Versatile and easy to use system
  • Gravity-fed system
  • Galvanized hardware
  • Perfect for all locations and weather conditions
  • User-friendly, adaptable and durable
  • Ideal size
  • Minimal issues with raccoons and squirrels

Minor Drawbacks

  • Three-way gravity head not included
  • Slightly pricier than other deer feeders
  • May require feeder footpads to keep the feeder leveled (not included)

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a deer herder, hunter, or simply an animal lover who is looking to ensure your deer are well fed, and with ease, then the Boss Buck Feeder is the perfect product for you. This feeder surpasses all others in the market due to its versatile custom design, low maintenance system, and its durability. Perfect for any season or location, this feeder is designed to be adaptable to all conditions.

Highly reviewed by almost all its users, this feeder is certainly the best feeder from Boss Buck. As its focus remains on you, the user, it ensures you receive optimum results with little to no effort on your part. This makes it a smart investment and life-long product.


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