Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera Review – Review of the HD Aggressor

Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera Review

How many times have you found your trail cam full of empty pictures that you have to delete? Earlier and cheaper models of trail cameras sometimes made it difficult to catch good photo evidence of animals in your backyard due to sub-standard features. They would catch every moving branch and use up all the memory before an animal even passed by.

Fortunately, technology within the sports optics industry has quickly evolved, but until recently, was on the expensive side. That said, we took a look at one of the more advanced cameras on the market, the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera, to see what kind of features gadgets like these offer these days.

Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera

Wireless connectivity means that you no longer have to trek back to the surveillance site to review and store or delete photos taken. Also available is better sensor tracking, more extensive field of motion detection, and clearer picture and video quality to allow for the capture of stunning wildlife images.

Whether you are in the market for a new trail camera for security, wildlife spotting, or hunting, a modernized one can be hugely useful in keeping track of who and exactly what is visiting your backyard. You can capture and store excellent quality images as well as learn more about visiting times and habits of local wildlife, in real time.

The Bushnell Company has been operating in the sports optics market for over 65 years and has an outstanding reputation for high-quality products, at affordable prices.

With a great customer service team backing them up, the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera offers a picture resolution that is four times the quality of the previous model. It can also communicate movement patterns of wildlife in your backyard, in real time, to your phone or computer.

Who Is This Product For?

This product would be really useful to anyone wishing to learn more about the different wildlife that visits their backyard or woods.

Whether you want to capture good quality images of visiting wildlife for your own amusement and pleasure, or if you wish to study the times and habits of the animals visiting for hunting purposes, trail cameras can save you hours of sitting around waiting for wildlife to visit, sometimes with no results.

To view and manage the pictures from the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera, you will need another device such as a smartphone or laptop. You also need to be a USA resident as the wireless connectivity and SIM card compatibility is for USA coverage only.

What’s Included?

The package includes the device itself, a strap and metal clasp to clip it securely to a tree, plus a SIM card for wireless connectivity to your phone or laptop. The package also comes with an instruction manual to help you get everything working.

Overview Of Features

Breaking down the features of the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera, here’s what we found:


This trophy device from Bushnell is made from high-quality materials. It is fully weatherproof and can withstand temperatures from -5 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will be a great camera in all seasons, no matter where you live.

Ease of Use

We love the fact that this device is super easy to set up and get working right away. When you receive your package, you just need to insert batteries and the SIM card. Then follow the simple, three-step set-up instructions on your camera and phone or laptop, and you’re ready to start taking pictures!

The 3G wireless connection will start sending pictures straight to your phone, so you can check what pictures the camera has taken without physically going back to the device itself. You can view, manage, and store any of the images that you want from the comfort of your own home.

The expanded AT&T coverage means that this device will work and communicate wirelessly, almost anywhere in the USA.

Storage and Sharing

The SIM card comes loaded with data already and moving forward, you can choose which data plan you want to be on via your registered Bushnell account.

Depending on which data plan you choose, you can store several HD high-resolution images from the camera each month. This is great if you get some really good shots of wildlife that you want to keep and share straight away.

You can view the pictures in a free app available to download for both iOS and Android phones, and the pictures you wish to keep can be sent directly to your email or Facebook to share with others.

Using an SD card as an additional storage option, you can also retrieve photos in bulk when you visit the surveillance site.

Image Capturing and Video Recording

The Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera itself takes full-color images and has been recently upgraded to 14 megapixels, so the picture quality is excellent. With a fast trigger speed of just 0.3 seconds, this device won’t miss a thing. The video quality is also fantastic, being HD 1280 x 720 pixels and filming up to 60 seconds of footage at one time.

It’s great that everything can be managed from your phone, from the number of pictures the camera takes to the intervals between images.

The camera has a good range on it and can detect and record movement from infrared sensors up to 60 feet away. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. This way if you are only interested in big game animals such as deer, for example, you can set the sensitivity of the sensor to suit you and avoid taking pictures of smaller animals and birds.

With a 0.5-second recovery rate, you can be alerted almost immediately if there are big game animals near the surveillance site, giving you time to get out to them before they vanish.

The Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera offers completely undetectable surveillance. Whether it is day or night, the auto sensor and infrared function work alongside 48 no-glow black LEDs. This is especially great if you are hunting, as the game and other hunters won’t even realize that the device is there.

With two field scan time slots available, you can capture beautiful time-lapse images of both dusk and dawn while simultaneously having the motion sensor camera operating on standby to take extra photos if it detects movement.

Power Source

The device takes 12 batteries to operate which can be expensive initially. But once operational, the batteries shouldn’t need replacing for around three months, depending on the frequency of pictures taken and data transmission. This is especially handy if you have it placed in an awkward to get to spot!

Wireless Connectivity

The only drawback we can see for the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera is that the wireless connectivity requires a monthly data plan, so your budget will have to accommodate the extra outgoings.

How To Use The Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera

Upon receiving the camera and SIM card, the setup itself is very simple. Create an account online with Bushnell and download the free app in your play store. Once you login to your account via your camera and phone, the camera will immediately send your phone a test picture so that you can ensure everything is running smoothly straight away.

Once you are happy with the angle and position of your camera and the shots it is taking, everything else can be managed via your phone including the frequency and intervals at which it takes pictures and videos, as well as the alerts you want to receive.

Bushnell also sends you an instruction manual that covers all of the setup steps, operation, and management guidelines. Additionally, the manual includes a troubleshooting guide to assist you should you run into any problems.

Alternative On The Market

If you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a trail cam but still want the excellent picture and video quality that the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera offers, then Campark make a great alternative in a lower price bracket.

This gadget takes crystal clear photos at lightning speed and is sure to capture everything moving in your backyard. You have to check the camera manually to retrieve images taken, but with a removable SD card, you can take the photos back with you and study their contents, making notes of times and dates of visits to easily plan your next hunt or wildlife spotting session.


The surveillance device from Campark is much more accessible price-wise than the one from Bushnell. It offers the same excellent picture quality, sensor range, and advanced features found on the Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera bar the wireless connectivity.

For this one feature alone, we feel that the Bushnell camera is well worth the extra money and is a stand out winner overall. We absolutely love the fact that you can view and manage everything directly from your phone without having to trek back and forth to the surveillance site.

This device makes a great long-term investment, and daily monitoring of the site will no doubt be an entertaining addition to your smartphone features. This Bushnell trail camera has superb quality with great technology and features that we are confident you will be happy with for years to come.

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