Capsule Feeders CAP-250 250 LB Game Feeder Review

The Capsule Feeder Cap-250 model is the world’s safest feeder with a patented capsule design that prevents animals from knocking it over causing loss of feed and money. This innovative deer feeder stays flat on the ground which allows you to stand or sit to fill it.

The main issue with most game feeding is the high rate of the refill. Fortunately, this model provides 250 pounds total capacity, enough to provide feed for longer periods of time. Besides its large capacity, it is durable, lightweight and easier to move to any feeding station.

Each capsule deer feeder comes with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can buy with the assurance of durability.

Capsule Feeders CAP-250 Product Specs


Capsule Feeders CAP-250 250 LB Hunting Game Feeder, Green


The strong HDPE thermoplastic polymer capsule construction that is nearly indestructible to both nature and animals. This game feeder uses a patented auger-driven technology to move corn from the bottom of the feeder to the top to the feed kit.

It works with a digital timer kit that easily manages and disperses up to 6 automated feedings per day. Includes a heavy-duty 12V feeder motor, spinner plate, auger, solar panel and charger.

Key Features

  • 250 lb. Capacity
  • Patented auger-driven technology to move corn from the bottom of the feeder to the top
  • Heavy-duty solar panel and feed timer battery kit
  • Metal spinner plate
  • Steel fill cap
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Practically indestructible
  • The HDPE structure is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Lighter than steel barrels and completely rust-resistant.
  • A low center of gravity allows it to rest safely on the ground.
  • Solar panel charges the battery all year round.
  • Included digital timer that provides up to 6 automated feedings per day


  • Brand: Capsule Feeders
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Aluminum Brackets
  • Broadcast: 360-Degree
  • Housing: Heavy Duty Roto-Molded Plastic
  • Power Source: 12v, 60mA Solar Panel


All Capsule deer feeder models come equipped with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on roto-molded plastic components (Body, Base, Powerhead). Other components come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, except for The-Timer (5 Year)


Benefits of a Capsule Feeder


These are large capacity game feeders which effectively reduce manpower and work. Here in the below list, we’ve discussed some of the benefits.

1) Easy to Fill

Easily fill feed of your choosing right from the ground. This means you no longer have to carry a 50lb bag of corn on your shoulder. They use a patented auger-driven technology to move corn from the bottom to the top of the feeder. This makes this brand one of the safest and easiest to fill.

2) Safety

No need to be concerned about climbing ladders or standing under a loaded deer feeder on uncertain footing.

3) Varmint Proof

Capsule feeders are auger driven, meaning feed will only coming up at scheduled times, so animals can’t spin corn out and are not rewarded for damaging behavior.

4) Heavy Duty Roto-Molded

The housing is manufactured with heavy-duty roto-molded plastic material, which makes it resistant-free. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the body and is durable and strong enough to last for years.

5) Animal Resistant

Has a durable feeder cage which protects the feeder kit from varmints, such as raccoons, while allowing an effective distribution of your game feed. Will not tip over as it sits on the ground with a low center of gravity. This allows the feeder to rest safely without worrying about it being knocked over by animals.

Uses a scrap truck tire (not included) as a base for weight and stability. No need to worry anymore about animals knocking over or stealing from your tripod or gravity feeders.

6) Use Corn or Protein

Use corn or protein pellets to easily attract deer.

7) Lifetime Warranty

Built in the USA and offers a limited lifetime warranty on the base, body and power head. All other components offer a 1-year limited warranty, except for the-timer (5 Year).  Capsule replacement parts are available.

8) Ease of Use

A Capsule Feeder is very simple to fill, easy to use and maintain.

How Do Capsule Deer Feeders Work?

Capsule game feeders feature innovative design and efficiently problem-solving alternatives to gravity and traditional tripod models. You just need to place it on the ground and it uses patented auger-driven technology, which helps to move corn from the bottom to the top.


  • Holds 250-pounds of feed
  • Easy to refill and use
  • Solar panel keeps feed timer battery charged
  • Excellent feeder control
  • 12V feeder motor
  • Provide 6 automated feedings per day


  • A little bit expensive

Should You Buy One?

The Capsule Feeders brand is one of the best game feeders on the market. He company receives outstanding customer reviews. You can buy a capsule game feeder without any worries about size, durability and safety.

This capsule style is the best alternative to traditional gravity feeders, tripod feeders and other feeder kits.

Furthermore, they are very easy to operate and will save you both time and money. Easily manage your game feeding without daily visits to the feeder as the included digital timer provides up to 6 automated feedings a day. No need to buy a separate feed timer battery because it includes a solar panel that automatically charges the battery for continuous feeding.

With a 250lb feed capacity, the CAP-250 model is the perfect deer feeding station at any location. Additional models include the 100, 200, 500, 880 and 1,000 lb. capacity.

Buy the world’s safest and most original sit-and-fill capsule feeder that is made in the USA. Get free shipping while supplies last.

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