Crenova Game & Trail Hunting Camera: Give Your Game an Edge

Crenova Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Game hunting is a seasonal sport, and it is one of the more anticipated outdoor activities, especially in the marshlands and other forested areas. One method that guarantees a great catch come hunting is strategically placing hunting video cameras, like the Crenova Game & Trail Hunting Camera.

This can be placed around your main hunting area to review patterns of movement and feeding behavior.

Some experienced game hunters would even go as far as training game animals into feeding around an area that offers a clear shot from a hunt stand. This makes the animals a little co-dependent. However, if you know that they will be there at a specific time, you have an advantage. This is especially the case if the game you’ve been watching has grown close to the legal standard.

Crenova Trail Camera with 32GB SD Card 20MP 1080P IP66 Waterproof Night Vision Game Hunting Cam for Wildlife Scouting Monitoring with 47pcs 940nm No Glow LED 120° 65 ft Detection Range 2.4” LCD

Crenova Game & Trail Hunting Camera Features

High Definition Lens

This Crenova camera can capture sharp videos and images with up to 20 megapixels in resolution and videos in 1080P format. This device preserves every breathtaking moment of wildlife in high-performance 20-megapixel image resolution. In addition, brightly colored photos are captured during the daytime (black and white at night). It also takes up to 3 photos per detection.

Night Vision Mode

The perfect wildlife night camera that can shoot up to a 65-foot range with night vision images resulting in crisp black and white hues.

Multiple Photo and Video Modes

The Crenova works efficiently as a very good hunting video camera with several modes to choose from. These include burst mode, night vision, and time lapse, among others. The 1080P HD video also has very clear sound.

Wide Angle Sensors

The sensitivity of the PIR (passive infrared sensors) ranges with a 120-degree angle. This allows for a larger coverage than most outdoor wildlife cameras.

Dimmed LED and IR Technology

This model is equipped with 47 pieces of 940NM infrared LEDs and a fully automatic IR filter which does not produce a bright flash.

Fast Trigger Speed

The trigger speed of this motion activated wildlife camera clocks in at 0.6 seconds. This is one of the fastest in the market, and it ensures that no moment is missed once the sensors are triggered.

Large Detection Range

Together with the wide 120-degree detection range, the sensors can also reach up to 75 feet.

Time Lapse Photography

The Crenova is great for wildlife photography. This is because the time lapse mode of this camera is exceptional, since it can shoot farther objects.

Time Switch

This model can be timed to turn on at any given time using automatic presets. This allows for optimal battery efficiency and ensures that you capture game and wildlife photos when they are active.

Time Stamp and Moon Phases

Each image or video that is taken is stamped with the date and time, as well as the temperature and applicable moon phase for smarter hunting.

LCD Screen

The user interface can be accessed through the built-in LCD screen that can also playback images and videos. You can do this without having to disassemble the camera from its spot.

Waterproof Design


Crenova Trail Camera with 32GB SD Card 20MP 1080P IP66 Waterproof Night Vision Game Hunting Cam for Wildlife Scouting Monitoring with 47pcs 940nm No Glow LED 120° 65 ft Detection Range 2.4” LCD



The casing has a waterproof design which allows you to place it in the open fields or underneath moist camouflages.

Expandable Memory

The memory can be expanded with SD cards of up to 32 GB.


  • Good detection range which matches the fast trigger time.
  • The daytime brightly colored photos and images are clear and crisp while the videos are fine, even with audio.
  • The LCD screen makes playback and maintenance easy.
  • A USB cord comes in handy as you can also connect the camera to a laptop for faster file download.
  • The security password feature is perfect for keeping images secure and away from obtrusive hunters.


  • Nighttime images are good, but the edges might be blurred or darker than the rest of the picture.
  • Picture ratio, regardless if it’s day or night, is a little narrow, coming in at 4:3 instead of the standard 16:9.
  • The included strap has a plastic buckle which can snap off easily. Python straps can be considered for a more secure mount.


The high definition images that the Crenova 20MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera can capture is ideal for game hunting. This is because it provides great detail about animal behavior. The fast trigger time and large detection range go hand in hand. In other words, this ensures that even the most aloof of game animals can be captured, even if by the camera only.

The different modes like time lapse, night vision, and bursts images offer an aspiring hunter more details while the time and date stamps. This ensures that each image fits the right hunting timeline. The waterproof design and built-in LCD screen make maintenance a breeze while the expandable memory and USB ports ensure that images are downloaded quickly for faster research and analyses of animal behavior.


The features of the Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera is similar to that of the Apeman Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD Game & Hunting Camera. This is especially since they can both capture high definition images at 12-megapixel resolution and videos at 1080P with varying lengths.

The Apeman Trail Camera also boasts of a wide detection range at 130 degrees and a fast triggering speed at 0.2 seconds, while its casing is certified to be waterproof and versatile. Both of these also run true with the Crenova.

Both cameras have 47 pieces of 940NM infrared LEDs with an automatic IR filter which produces an undetectable red flash, which does not scare wildlife.


We believe the Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Game & Hunting Camera is the best trail camera for the money because it has better connectivity with both USB and SD ports.

It also offers a faster picture and video playback, especially with the built-in LCD screen. The Time Switch is also something that this model has an advantage of since it tends to save more battery time as compared to other trail cameras that continually operate until the batteries die out.

If you are looking for the best camera for nature and wildlife photography the Crenova model is a great choice.  Wildlife trail cameras are not just tools that help you track game during hunting season, but are a valuable ally during the off-season.

With this device, you can also observe game and beautiful animals everyday and monitor their growth and movement around the woods.

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