Cuddeback Trail Camera: Cuddelink Set of 4 Review (Features, Pros & Cons)

The Cuddeback trail camera set is the perfect outdoor camera for a number of reasons. Whether you are using them to keep tabs on game, for hunting, for security purposes, or to discover what is running around on your land, they offer an excellent solution.

Utilizing smart motion sensor technology along with a built-in camera-to-camera network, this set is easy to work with. Let’s take a deeper look into the long-range trail cameras, and see what makes Cuddeback stand out from the rest.

CuddeLink Long Range IR (4 Pack Bundle)

What Are The Cuddeback Trail Camera’s Used For

This high quality trail camera set is most commonly used to monitor deer and game over a large expanse of land.

They use motion-activated detection technology and will take a photo as soon as something passes by them. You can then check the recorded footage to get a good understanding of what is happening in the designated area, without actually being there yourself.

You can place these outdoor cameras around a piece of land in order to keep track of everything that passes through. The individual camera units work together to form a single powerful network.

While this is mostly useful to hunters, it can also be used for home security purposes too. Trail cameras are even used by people looking for bigfoot!


  • A four-pack bundle of the Cuddelink long-range IR cameras
  • Uses a special built-in Cuddelink camera-to-camera network
  • Flash range of 100 feet
  • Can take up to a 32GB SD card
  • Features 24 high-power 850nm IR LED’s
  • Has a ¼ second trigger speed
  • Takes 20 MP color images
  • Cameras run on 12 AA batteries

Cuddeback Trail Camera Review and Features

CuddeLink Long Range IR (4 Pack Bundle)


This Cuddeback trail camera set offers several well thought out and cleverly designed features for a premium remote camera experience. This particular set is really easy to use, and because they provide remote access, you won’t have to frighten your game!

Device models included in this set (model J-1415) can be used as either a CuddeLink home or a remote camera. Simply configure this in the user interface. These are also compatible with all CuddeLink cameras.

Here are some of the different features and aspects of this outdoor device.

The CuddeLink Home Camera Network

The first thing to note about this trail camera set is that it utilizes its own built-in camera-to-camera network. Aside from batteries and the SD card, there is no need to buy any additional equipment to connect the devices, as they sync up by themselves.

The entire network uses one home camera with an SD card that all of the other remote devices send their images to. This means that you will only need to access one central home device to view all of the footage from the entire cameras network.

You can set your home device up in an accessible spot within range of the area you want to monitor. This could be in a nearby parking lot or building. Then place the other units out over the area of surveillance, and they will transmit back to the home device.

When you are ready, simply take the SD card out from the home device, and view the images on your computer or laptop at home. No need to go to all the individual units to collect the images.

Not only does this save you a significant amount of time (especially if the units are spread over a far distance), it also allows you to check images more often. Spending limited time at the device locations will also help against scaring away the game around there.

If you would like to take this easy access camera network to the next level, you can even upgrade the system to allow you to view all recorded footage on your phone. By adding the CuddeLink Dual Cell, you can access your units straight from your mobile device.

Camera-To-Camera Range

As you will be using these devices spread out over a wide area, their range and networking capabilities are important. Luckily the camera-to-camera range on this set works particularly well.

Using a single home device, you can connect up to 15 different remote units to the same network. This allows for a great deal of footage that can be accessed by one single point. Not only this, but the network can be widely spread out. This set will typically have a ¼ mile range if used in a forest – something that can be stretched much further in open terrain. If the terrain is very clear, this can be stretched to over 1 mile.

Not only this, but the units can work in a kind of daisy chain. This means that if one device is too far away from the home camera, it will send its footage to a closer one that will then send it through to the home camera. This means that you could have your furthest camera about 15 miles away from your home unit in clear terrain.

Technology and Specs


cuddelink cameras reviews

This Cuddeback set may look simple and rugged, but there is some excellent technology behind these devices. They can take 20 MP images using their legendary ¼ second trigger speed. This will allow you to easily capture any passing motion – including fast running deer!

Each device has 24 high-power 850nm IR LED’s to help brighten up any situation. No additional flash or equipment is needed here. The flash range of these units is 100 feet, allowing you to capture a pretty fair distance in the dark.

The cameras can take up to a 32 GB SD card, so memory space here really shouldn’t be a problem. They also run on 12 AA batteries. Neither the batteries or SD card comes included with this product.

While the units can operate at an impressive 20 MP on images, you can also choose to turn the quality down a bit to save battery life and speed up transfer times. Even if you keep them at a 5MP setting, this will get the job done perfectly.

The devices are small and lightweight enough, coming in at 1.84 pounds. Size-wise each camera is 10 x 8 x 5 inches.

As far as trail and other deer cameras go, these units offer some great technology. They act fast, capture images clearly, and can be used over a significant distance.

Saving the Images

All images that are taken from the remote units are sent through the network to the home camera. The SD card where all of the images are saved is kept in this device.

Simply access the SD card from this one conveniently located unit to view all footage from each of your devices in the network. There is no need to physically go in and disturb your hunting grounds until you are ready.

The 32 GB memory will be more than enough for use by the full network. Saving and easily accessing all of your images is certainly one of the top features of this camera set.

Outdoor Use

As the Cuddeback cameras set is being placed outside in varying weather conditions, the devices need to be tough and durable. For this reason, each unit protected by a hard outer casing. The antenna used to transmit the signal between the network is also well protected, as are the durable LED lights.

Each Cuddeback comes with a useful mounting system that can be strapped to trees, poles, deer stands, or anything else out there. They are great for viewing deer feeders and monitoring salt licks. Being elevated usually gives the best overview of an area.

The devices come in a subtle grey color that is well camouflaged for discreet hunting and game tracking purposes. They are great all-terrain long-distance cameras that can get the job done no matter where they may be.

What We Like

  • The camera-to-camera network can stretch an impressive distance
  • Image quality is of a high quality
  • Easily access all content from every unit through a single home unit
  • Efficient wireless network
  • Durable in different conditions
  • Fast-acting devices
  • No monthly fees
  • Can extend network and use up to 15 units

Minor Drawbacks

  • Can use a significant amount of battery power
  • Does not include the SD card
  • Doesn’t take video

Comparison Device – ELEPAWL Hunting Trail Camera

The ELEPAWL Hunting Trail Camera has several fantastic features and settings that allow it to be compared to the Cuddeback trail camera. In addition to 12 MP pictures, this one takes 1080 HD videos as well. A 120-degree wide angle detection sensor can pick up more of the surrounds in color during the day, and back and white at night.

Some of the functions that the ELEPAWL has includes multi-shot, interval, time-lapse, timer, password, and more. In this regard, it certainly has a lot to offer. However, the wireless network and easy access are where this device falls behind.

Main Features

  • 12 MP 1080high resolution
  • No glow infrared game device
  • 2-second trigger speed
  • Multiple functions and settings
  • Takes video as well as images

Final Thoughts

As a whole, the Cuddeback trail cameras are a fantastic option for any hunter, or person looking to manage their game and land better. Whether it to prepare for the hunting season or simply perform boundary surveillance, the devices are easy to use, provide easy access, and are durable. Together the Cuddeback’s form a strong network that can extend to impressive distances. Even with the range, the units maintain a high level of photographic quality.

Compared to the ELEPAWL unit, the Cuddeback model may lack some settings and features. However, it takes better quality images and can cover a really wide surveillance area with the network. If you are looking for a trail camera that is all about performance and maximizing your hunting season, then this Cuddeback CuddeLink cameras set is a perfect choice! Check this 4 pack out now.

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