How to Hang a Deer Feeder and Attract Deer

Entice deer by learning how to hang a deer feeder in this article. Equally important is knowing what to feed deer to keep them coming back.

Attracting deer to your yard and getting them to stay for more than a few minutes is a challenge. As animals of prey, deer are always on the move. Once they finish eating a little in one spot, they quickly leave. They are also nocturnal animals, which means that they are more active at night.

Handing a deer feeder to just anywhere on a tree or post the wrong way can entice unwanted wildlife. Deer will eat from feeders during winter when food is scarce if installed correctly.

Additionally, finding the best location where deer will feel secure to eat for more than a few minutes is key.

How to Hang a Deer Feeder Instructions

Are you unsure about how to go about it? Once you have purchased your materials or built your homemade deer feeder, here is a step by step guide to help you:

Prepare the Materials You Need:

  • Drilling machinery
  • Measuring tape
  • Small diameter drill bit
  • 2” long screw with O-ring
  • Durable rope
  • Durable carabiner
  • Old hose
  • Scissors

Installation Steps on How to Hang a Deer Feeder

Step One:

Locate the middle of the feeder and put a mark on it. Then, create a small starter hole on the mark. After that, insert an O-ring long screw into the hole as far as it can go. While doing this, avoid cracking the wood of the feeder as you do it.

Step Two:

Once you’ve done this, choose the best place to hang a deer feeder. An ideal spot is between trees with plenty of bushes around. In fact, the two trees should have the same diameter and less than 10’ apart. These trees are the spot you can hang the feeder.

Step Three:

Using the measuring tape, calculate the specific distance between the two trees. Then, get a heavy-duty rope that has the same measurement but add 2’ to give allowance for tying knots.

Step Four:

Identify the middle of the rope and coil it through a durable carabiner. After that, tie an easy overhand knot around the carabiner. Holding each end of the rope, create an overhand knot. Then, transfer one end of the rope over the other end. After doing the overhand knot, the end of the rope on your left should eventually be at your right; the same with the other end of the rope.

Step Five:

With the information on the exact measurement of each tree trunk, get a piece of hose as long as the circumference of each trunk. The hose should be long enough to surround the trunk. Once you’ve got this, insert it through the end of the rope. The hose will serve as protection against any damage to the tree.

Step Six:

Place the rope between the trees and make sure that the carabiner is kept in the middle of the rope. After that, tie one end of the rope around one tree. Measure 5’ above the ground or more, depending on the height of the deer you want to feed or attract.

Coil the rope and hose securely around the tree with an easy square knot. Do the same with the other tree. An important point that should be noted is to make sure that the ropes are equally tight around each tree.

Step Seven:

Attach the O-ring screw above the feeder to the carabiner in the middle of the rope. Note that doing so will make it convenient to detach the feeder for refilling food or cleaning.

How to Entice Deer

Deer are not picky eaters and they keep on moving from one place to another. In fact, that is why they are hard to observe or hunt. Some homeowners like to attract them to come into their yards or a nearby location. How do you attract the deer?

Basically, attracting deer is as common as knowing what they eat. Deer eat fruits, nuts, bark, twigs, leaves, grass, and other vegetation. They are most active during spring or summer when the greens are abundant. Attract them by maintaining a field of grass, bushes, or trees. Their favorite foods are vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals.

During winter, attract them by learning how to hang a deer feeder on the trees with a nearby water source. This season is hard for them to find food. Fill your feeders with oats, nuts, or deer feed mix as a deer attractant.

Deer are beautiful animals that people love to watch. They are hunters’ favorite too. Whichever purpose you have in mind, make sure to follow wildlife laws and regulations.

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