Deer Hunting Videos: Improve Your Technique

For the beginner hunter, it’s important to do a lot of research into various techniques and check out various deer hunting videos. Today there are many how-to video and audio tutorials, to give you the basics of hunting.

From there, you can develop your own personal technique, one which suits you and your build, the way your body moves, one which compliments your own senses, and one which ultimately you are comfortable with.

Deer hunting videos are ideal for giving you real-time information, because you can visually see what the hunter is doing, rather than reading about it and perhaps getting a little confused in the process.

Using Deer Hunting Videos

Why do you hunt? Is this a question you hear time and time again? Most deer hunters would agree that yes, this is a question which is posed to them continuously whenever they come into contact with someone who isn’t a hunter, someone who doesn’t agree with it, or someone who is simply curious.

For most people, the answer isn’t clear, because hunting is often simply a part of that person’s human make up something which is instinctive, and something which is enjoyable to them.

Maybe you personally have a specific reason, perhaps you are of the school of thought that without the process of hunting, deer would eventually overpopulate and cause the spread of disease, which would eventually lead to their extinction.

Whatever your reason, it’s a very personal deal, and something which is only answerable to yourself.

Of course, within all of this, you have probably done more than your fair share of research into techniques, and that means you have probably also headed online and checked out a fair amount of deer hunting videos.

Developing Your Own Personal Hunting Technique

If you ask any experienced hunter they will tell you that their own personal technique is as natural to them as breathing. Without this, they simply cannot hunt, they can’t move in the natural way they need to. Therefore totally unsuccessful as a result. Everything you do in life with success needs to be second nature, it needs to feel comfortable to you.

If you try and copy someone else, you are not going to be able to move quietly, which is one of the most key factors of success in deer hunting.

When watching deer hunting videos, watch how the hunter moves, how they breathe quietly, how they time their shot, how they learn when to move and when not to. This is something you will be able to use in developing your own technique, but it should certainly not be a case that you simply copy what you are watching.

The key is to take facets of it and create your own personal style.

Points to Consider

To sum it up, developing your own personal hunting technique is important because:

  • Imitation is not an art form, it is something which doesn’t feel comfortable to an individual
  • Every single person moves differently. If you try and emulate someone else’s movements, they may come across bulky, or clunky for you. If you are tall and slim, you may be able to move quicker than someone who has more bulk. However, on the flip side, someone who is more muscular may have more power. You need to find your own personal niche
  • Your success rate will be higher if you can find your own style
  • Are you left or right handed? Can you use both? Which hand feels more comfortable? Your aim will be more accurate if you can find your comfort level here
  • Something which feels more natural to you, almost as natural and second nature as breathing, will be much more enjoyable to you, and stress-free. Trying to copy someone else’s hunting technique will not feel comfortable or enjoyable to you if you can’t get it right

Of course, you might be wondering what the point of all of this is. This is because there are set hunting techniques and tips that hunters go online to read and watch. They also learn about how to use these techniques into their own practice, but the key word there is ‘incorporate’.

When you learn how to walk, do you copy someone else completely? No, you watch the basics, you copy that part of it, but you do it in your own style, the way that is second nature to you. The same can be said for hunting.

How to Find The Best Videos, Audio and Books

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When you are trying to find a quality deer hunting videos or even a handbook to learn from, you need to look for certain criteria. The internet is flooded with videos, but how many of them are high quality? How many of them will actually teach you something?

The bottom line is that many people simply post videos for the gore-factor, and this is not helpful or something you need to see or research about deer. No, a good quality deer hunting video needs to be educational. It needs to improve your own hunting technique, or indeed help you learn the best tips from scratch.

The following criteria will give you a good starting point:

Check reviews – if you are using a site like You Tube(1), you should be able to check out the number of stars, as well as the comments that previous viewers have left. If they’re positive, go for it, if not, skip it!

Has the person the video belongs to been posting for a while? You should aim to learn from experience, not from a novice. Check the length of time the person has been posting for.

Is the video actually helpful? Scan these deer hunting videos quickly before actually spending time devouring them. Does it give you information that is useful? Is the video about technique, rather than the final result?

Buying your own videos and DVD’s can be very useful as you can watch them at your own pace.


If you watch positive and useful deer hunting videos then you can learn a lot from them. The techniques should then be able to seamlessly work into your own personal approach and movements to help make you the best hunter you can possibly be.

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