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Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a car holding its breaks desperately trying to avoid a collision with a deer. In fact, we can agree no one ever wants to be in this situation. In this scenario not only can you hurt yourself in the case of an accident, but hitting a deer could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. This review is about using a Deer Whistle for your car and other vehicles. These little sound devices are very affordable and can save you from harm and possible danger.


Best deer whistle for car


However, like with any other kind of purchase decision, we understand that you might be skeptical. In addition, you might have a number of questions about this device. In this case, these questions might include the following:

  • Do deer whistles work?
  • Where can I get a Deer Whistle?
  • How do ultrasonic sounds even alert deer?

Well, if you want to know the answer to these questions and many more, you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is read the rest of this article to learn more about how they work and how deer can hear them.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s jump in.

How Does a Deer Whistle Actually Work?

This is a question that every car owner wonders, as well as many people who live in or travel to areas where you can find deer. In fact, many people type the phrase “do deer whistles work mythbusters” into Google to try to find out if they work.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an episode from the famous series that is available on the internet. Since we can’t turn to the famous duo to help us out this time, instead, let’s take the time now to find out everything we can about this product ourselves. This will no doubt answer the question: do they really work?

After all, we all want to invest our hard-earned money on something that works. For many people, animal whistles have emerged as the solution for preventing accidents in deer country and surrounding areas. According to anecdotal evidence, having one could help avoid the kind of personal injury that comes with driving into an animal. When you consider how heavy some of these animals can be, avoiding a collision makes a lot of sense.

Schools of Thought

To clarify, when it comes to the effectiveness of these high frequency sound devices, there are two schools of thought.

To expand on this, there are those who believe that they work and those who question if they really work to prevent deer vehicle collisions.

Overall, any experienced hunter or scientist will tell you that deer have sensitive hearing. In fact, their hearing capabilities resemble that of a satellite dish. This means that they can pick up any sound even from a person who is tiptoeing in the distance. In other words, a hunter.

Even when the deer are sleeping, their ears can hear sound from ahead or behind. This makes sense from a survival perspective as predators approach from all angles. What’s more, their ears work independently to compare signals and other sounds.

Therefore, since deer have such sensitive hearing abilities, it’s safe to say that the sound that comes from a device mounted on a car could work when it comes to alerting them.

However, to make sure we have done our homework on the subject, let’s find out what science has to say.


University of Connecticut

To start with, Paul Scheifele from the University of Connecticut did some research concerning the effectiveness of these devices. Below, we will discuss some of the findings from his study.

To carry out this experiment, he mounted different air velocity whistles to different vehicles. Then, he operated the cars at a speed of 30 to 45 miles per hour.

In order to test the viability of these devices in avoiding hitting a deer, he recorded the sounds the devices made while the vehicles were in motion. He discovered that the sound produced signals which registered 3 kHz to 12 kHz.

When it comes to the 3 kHz signal, this equals to 3 decibels loud. On the other hand, a 12 kHz signal is ineffective because it is outside the normal hearing range of white tails between 2 and 6 kHz. Therefore, after doing these experiments and recording his findings, his conclusion at the end was that these devices are not useful.

University of Georgia

In addition, a University of Georgia study also did similar tests to test reactions of deer that could potentially move into the dangerous collision-prone territory from the side of the road.

In their attempts to figure out whether these products were effective, which also included various experiments, these researchers came to their own conclusions. To summarize, here is the conclusion of the study which is detailed in the abstract:

“We evaluated efficacy of sound as a deterrent for reducing deer (Odocoileus spp.)—vehicle collisions by observing behavioral responses of free-ranging white-tailed deer (O. virginianus) to pure-tone sounds within their documented range of hearing. Behavior of free-ranging deer within 10 m of roadways was not altered in response to a moving automobile fitted with a sound-producing device and speakers that produced 5 sound treatments documented to be within the hearing range of white-tailed deer. Many commercially available, vehicle-mounted auditory deterrents (i.e., deer whistles) are purported to emit continuous pure-tone sounds similar to those we tested. However, our data suggest that these devices are likely not effective in altering deer behavior in a manner that would prevent deer-vehicle collisions.”

Possible Limitations in the Studies

Naturally, there are always some products that work better than others. Although we can’t say for sure, the tests could have been carried out using lower quality models that are not as effective.

Certainly, anecdotal accounts claim they work. In fact, the researchers could also be wrong because deer are very sensitive animals. If you think about it, they listen to hunters who tiptoe every single day, so why would they not hear a deer whistle?

Also, if you look at the last sentence of the quote above, it concludes that these devices are “likely not effective”. Therefore, while they couldn’t prove that the devices work, they couldn’t prove that they absolutely don’t work either.

In fact, despite what researchers say, customers claim over and over that they have never hit a deer since they installed this kind of product. If only there was a way to communicate with these animals to really find out the truth!

Best Deer Whistle for Car Options

Since so many people still claim that these devices help them and give them peace of mind when driving out on the open road, it’s helpful to get an overview of the different options available.

Therefore, this article will assist you in getting an idea of what kind of devices are on the market. Firstly, you get different types of products that work in different ways. In other words, you get an electronic deer whistle and manual one that just works by air moving through it i.e. it is wind-driven.

To understand what all of the varying options have to offer, read the different reviews of various products below:




Katzco prides itself on being an easy to install alert system that effortlessly warns animals within a 1/4 mile radius. That’s enough distance for the animals to run or stop when they see a vehicle coming. For those who use the metric system, a 1/4 mile is approximately 400 meters, which is sufficient distance for you to respond appropriately and avoid an accident.

The one thing Katzco is synonymous with is easy installation. In other words, it is very easy to set up the devices on the car. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any challenges when setting it up. All you need is to peel the cover and stick it on the car’s bumper or the grill.

In fact, this process is so simple, anyone can learn how to install a deer whistle.

However, that was not the only thing that caught our attention. One other point that was noted is that the sounds are automatically activated when you drive your car at 35 mph.

What does that mean?

It means that there’s no need for you to use any electricity, a battery, or do some sort of wiring. That’s because the whistle works using wind energy. In other words, as long as your car is moving at the right speed of at least 35 mph, it will work just fine.


  • This device generates two separate ultrasonic noises, enough to warn deer and other animals of coming vehicles.
  • It is easier to clean than some other similar products. All you need is to remove it from the base of your car. 
  • Uses adhesive tape to stick to your car.
  • The device also comes with a removal key. If you are looking to wash your car but you are still worried about harming the unit, you can use the key to effortless remove it.


  • This product is available in 4 packs. In other words, you get two pairs. Feel free to keep the spare or give it as a gift to friends or family.
  • One other advantage is that this product is silent. You never hear any sound even when you’re driving at a high speed.
  • It comes with an adhesive tape to hold on to your car. However, this will only be effective as long as you follow the instructions to install it.
  • It measures 5.1 inches by 1.3 inches by 4.9 inches. In other words, it is so small and compact that no one will notice that you have one on your car.


One concern that came up with this product is the quality of the tape. Katzco should have made a stronger tape.


If you want peace of mind when driving in deer country, then you should try the Katzco Deer Whistle.

Save A Deer



Are you looking for a smaller model? In fact, if you buy a Save a Deer model, you’ll have to look very hard to actually see it on a car. This is because the device is compact and it is placed on the bumper. This means that it is hidden, so it doesn’t stick out in plain sight.

This top selling model is something worth looking at. In fact, Save A Deer models are much smaller than the Katzco options.

Also, unlike the Katzco that can peel off after many uses, the Save A Deer model has a strong double stick self-adhesive tape.

What does that mean?

It means that it has a strong tape that holds one firmly on your car. Even better, it won’t fall during extreme weather conditions like rain or drought. If you have a tried these devices in the past, but you have been disappointed due to the quality of the adhesive tape, try this one.

Besides that, you can use a Save A Deer on any vehicle that travels more than 35 mph. The only thing that that is different is the mounting positions.

To give you some advice, whatever the position you choose, make sure the device rests on a clean horizontal space.


  • You need to be driving your car at 35 mph for the Save A Deer device to work well because it relies on the wind. Otherwise, it won’t work. This is something to consider in conjunction with the speed limit.
  • Thanks to its dual construction it will last longer on your vehicle, and it won’t get damaged.
  • No battery, no electricity, and no wiring is needed. In fact, you just need wind energy to alert the deer.


  • Thanks to its strong adhesive tape, they can withstand any severe weather conditions without peeling off.
  • It comes with superior mounting materials which make the task of installation very easy.
  • This product is less likely to clog because of its flow through construction. That means you will save yourself washing time because of its self-cleaning capabilities.
  • One advantage is that this is a compact unit, less than 1 cubic in size. It is small, but mighty, according to the reviews.
  • This product is one of the least expensive on the market.


Some customers complain about the quality of the material of the unit itself. We think this is the area the company needs to improve on. Otherwise, it is a still a great option.


If you are looking for a compact option with self-cleaning capabilities, try Save A Deer. It works great, and it will alert deer during the nighttime and during extreme weather conditions.

Bell Automotive 



The Bell Deer Whistle is known for producing separate unique frequencies to warn animals of coming vehicles.

But that’s not all.

It also has a high bond adhesive tape that makes installation an easy task. What’s more, the strong adhesive makes it easier for you to remove and clean at any time without losing its sensitivity.

The only thing you need to be careful about is to make sure that you install the device in the right position. This is because the proper position provides the maximum airflow for it to function.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints that people have is that the device is not working properly. However, this is because they have placed it in the wrong position.


  • This product comes with a high bond adhesive tape for mounting and installation.
  • To clarify, the best preferred mounting position is a 30 angle down in any position.
  • Due to the design of the product, a high output of airflow is activated.
  • The device generates dual unique sound frequencies to alert deer of coming vehicles.


  • The sleek low-profile design activates airflow when the car is moving at 35 mph.
  • A distinct advantage is that the product is easy to mount and install. It also comes with an adhesive strip. This means that you can easily remove the top and fit into the back.
  • This device has open and closed holes that work together to produce unique frequencies to alert the deer. 
  • Thankfully, this product comes with easy to understand instructions. In fact, the package comes with comprehensive guidance for installation and direction.


The unit will only work if you drive at 35 mph or more. Otherwise, they won’t create the whistling sound that alert the deer.


The Bell Automotive Deer Alert model works even when it’s raining. The only thing that you need to be careful about is to make sure it’s free from debris and snow. What’s more, they are very inexpensive.


CarNeed 4pcs Deer Alert 



The CarNeed 4pcs deer whistle is made from a high-quality plastic material. Most importantly, this means that the device can resist extreme outdoor temperatures. This is especially valuable if you live in a colder climate, where the weather is sometimes not kind to devices left outside in the cold for extended periods of time.

With easy installation, all you need is to remove the adhesive back and fix the product onto the car bumper or the grill. It’s really that simple to do.

A distinct advantage to this particular device is that, unlike other models, the CarNeed is compatible with all different kinds of vehicles. This means that it can be a solution for the whole family, no matter what cars you and your partner drive.


  • One noticeable feature is that this product comes in 4 packs. In other words, it comes with 4pcs. If you feel like you don’t need these (although you might), you can gift the extra pieces to someone else. However, you’ll probably want to keep them for future use.
  • This product emits only safe ultrasonic deer warning sound that alerts the animals of coming vehicles.
  • To keep things simple, this product is available only in one color – black. 
  • If you’re sensitive to noise, not to worry. The noise it makes is an inaudible sound that won’t affect your pets or you.


  • This product works in all-weather conditions, including snow and extreme heat situations.
  • The self-adhesive tape speeds up the installation and mounting process. Best of all, it sticks on your can even after multiple washes.
  • To make this even more cost-effective, this product is available in 4 pcs. That means, when you buy one pair, you get another pair for free.
  • Thanks to its strong foam adhesive tape, you can mount it anywhere. However, it is not recommended to mount it behind the grill or the sides of the bumper.


You may not experience the full benefit of one of these if you live in an area where the speed limit is below 30 mph. That is not enough wind energy for the unit to work. In other words, this device is better suited to those who travel out on the open road, where the speed limit allows.


The main selling point about of the CarNeed model is that it comes in a 4 pc pack. That means you will save yourself lots of money on buying another device in the future when you can use these extra devices that you’ve bought from CarNeed.


Custom Accessories Deer Alert


There is a lot to be said about the deer whistles made by Custom Accessories. 

First, this product is available in two colors. To clarify, you can either choose chrome or black.

In fact, if there’s one thing that sets this one apart from the rest is that it is made by this company.

Okay, maybe you’re wondering who Custom Accessories is? To give you an idea, they are the market leader in automotive aftermarket accessories. In other words, there’s that added advantage of buying from a reputable brand that understands the automotive industry.

With a height of 5.2 inches, length of 5.2, and a width of 1.4, this product is one of the larger units on the market.

As we’ve discussed above, these work the same way as a dog whistle. Dogs will hear it, but humans are unable to. The same thing happens with these devices.


  • This product is available in two colors.
  • One of the most noticeable aspects of this device is that it is created by Custom Accessories, a market leader in the automotive industry (which adds a distinct amount of credibility).
  • This product is easier than many others to install.
  • The device has two holes that work together to create a high-pitched sound to alert the deer.


  • This product leaves no mark on your car when installing, removing or re-attaching. This is the case even when using one on your vehicles bumper.


Some customers complain that the unit didn’t last for a year before it came off. However, only a few customers had such a complaint.


If you are looking for a model made by car enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong when you try the Custom Accessories unit. In addition to the reassuring features detailed above, the manufacturer claims that this device will work as advertised. With their credibility in the automotive industry, this is reassuring.




The final type of animal warning sound device we will review is the electronic Hornet deer whistle.

This device is different from some of the other products we have covered above, as it is perfect for motorcycle users.

The way in which this kind of motorcycle deer whistle is different is that it works via electronics. This means that the device actually generates a sound itself, instead of having to use the wind to generate a sound. The advantage of this is that the device can work no matter what speed the motorcycle is traveling.

In addition, since the product makes its own noise, the sound can travel further. With an electronic device, you also don’t need to worry about it getting clogged up with snow or any other kind of debris.

What’s more, you can also switch this device on and off, depending on where you are and if you need to use it.


  • Simple installation with detailed instructions.
  • Electronic instead of wind-driven.


  • All of the wiring and switches are included.
  • This device has the ability to turn on and off, so you can choose to use it at your own discretion, depending on where you are.


As with any type of these devices, it’s difficult to know whether it’s really effective. Is it worth not having one?


This particular warning system is suitable for motorcycles. Install it somewhere where it has an unobstructed view of the road and protect yourself better from becoming involved in an accident.


Animal deer whistle for vehicles


Should You Buy a Deer Whistle?

Let’s face it. 

As we’ve mentioned in the analysis above, there is lots of conflicting information about whether one works or not. However, purchasing customers will highly praise these little horns and swear by the use of them.

The truth is that these devices are so inexpensive that they are worth a try. In fact, if you are looking to buy one of these devices, all you need to do is use our convenient links.

Despite some of the criticism out there, many hunters will tell you, deer are very sensitive animals. They can hear different sound frequencies than humans. They are constantly on the move looking for food and shelter through fields, yards and roads. 

For that reason, we believe getting the best deer whistle for your car is a good choice. In fact, you don’t have to hit a deer before you know how effective they are. Buying one for your vehicle could be the best money you ever spent.


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