See the ENKLOV Trail Camera Review

ENKLOV Trail Camera Review

You might have thought, “I don’t need a trail camera because I don’t hunt,” but do not allow yourself to be fooled! Like most types of technology, options like the ENKLOV Trail Camera, can be used for a host of purposes.

Remember, they work quite similarly to a traditional home monitoring system. As a result, can be used to monitor activity on your property and for hunting as well.

No matter if you have difficult neighbors or if you notice unwelcome activity close to your home, you can easily set one up to use to your advantage. Above all else, the ENKLOV Camera is a phenomenal way to capture animal activity near your hunting grounds, so you know what type of game you’re chasing after.

ENKLOV Trail Camera Features

  • Eight MP image capturing
  • 1280×70 video capturing
  • Ten minutes of continuous video
  • Less than one second trigger speed
  • 49’ detection
  • 80-degree FOV (field of view)
  • Zero-glow black IR LED flash
  • Up to six months of operating time on standby mode
  • IP54 waterproof casing
  • Two-inch LCD screen


Simple to toggle between different types of photo and video capturing:

You don’t need to spend a few hours trying to understand how to navigate through menus. In fact, with the ENKLOV Trail Camera it’s simple to choose the specific video and photo capturing options you need. For example, you can switch between 1280p, 720p, VGA, and WVGA with a few pushes of a button.

Easy to install around your home and in other outdoor locations:

Another advantage to the ENKLOV Trail Camera is that it comes with easy-to-read instructions to help you install the camera around your property. All you have to do is affix the camera to a specific location and use the LCD screen to determine where you’d like it to point.

Not to mention, the trail camera can be used to keep you aware of activity outside, inside of your home, or at your favorite hunting grounds.

Great for beginner hunters:

There are plenty of trail cameras on the market. However, this is a great model for beginner hunters who are getting their first round of experience with trail cameras. You’ll be able to work with all of the settings without previous experience. This means you can easily restore it back to factory settings and customize how you’d like the pictures to be taken (one megapixel to eight megapixels).


The camera does not offer sound-only recording:

Depending on the amount of battery life the unit has left, many hunters prefer to power down their trail camera to sound-only recording until they can replace the batteries. Unfortunately, the ENKLOV Trail Camera does not give you the ability to choose a sound-only function. This means you can only toggle between picture and video mode.

Tricky to find the right settings for nighttime shots:

Depending on your personal preference, you might find that you’ll need to work with some of the settings in an effort to get clearer nighttime shots. However, it can be difficult. At times, your captured images and videos might seem a little too hazy to see detail clearly. To rectify this, you will have to continually take pictures in different settings to know what the picture quality will be.

Unable to take clear and crisp photos:

Another huge concern with the ENKLOV Trail Camera is that it doesn’t take clear and crisp photos, especially when compared to other trail cameras on the market. This is what makes it a great camera for beginners, but not recommended for veteran hunters that like to see the deep details of their game.


Ten Minutes of Continuous Video:

As an interesting feature that may or may not prove useful, depending on your hunting practices, you have access to ten minutes of continuous video. This allows you to capture every movement of the game near your property for a substantial amount of time. You’ll easily be able to see what it is that they’re interested in, where they move to, and how many animals might be traveling together in the group.

Less than One Second Trigger Speed:

With a less than one second trigger speed, the ENKLOV Trail Camera makes it simple to capture images as they happen. Instead of missing great activity or animals that have the tendency to be a little more alert than others, you can know exactly what’s happening when it first starts.

49’ Detection:

With the ability to detect animal movement at up to 49′, you’ll never have to worry about the game being “too far” to capture, unlike with other trail cameras.


When it comes to choosing the perfect trail camera, there are a few important things to take into consideration. This includes the quality of the images and videos, how discreet your trail camera is once installed, and the reliability of the design.

Image and Video Quality:

The ENKLOV Trail Camera falls short when compared to other cameras of the same variety simply because the pictures and videos taken are of a far lesser quality. Though this can be beneficial for people who don’t have a lot of storage space on their SD cards, it doesn’t allow you to see the intricate details of the game in your area, especially at night.

Discreet Installation:

If there’s one comparable feature this model has to other brands, it’s that the camera is incredibly discreet once it’s installed. In addition, with the zero-glow black IR LED flash, the camera will snap nighttime photos and videos without alerting animals in the slightest. Additionally, it has an integrated low-volume shutter to add to its stealthy design. 

Reliability and Durability:

With an IP54 waterproof casing, this particular trail camera can withstand an ample amount of moisture whether from a torrential storm or dew in the early spring mornings. You certainly won’t have to worry about any water being absorbed into the mechanical parts of the camera. In addition, its rugged casing protects it from fall damage.


Overall, the ENKLOV Trail Camera can be useful for beginner hunters. This is because it gives them an idea of how to set up cameras around their hunting grounds, as well as the different features that they can use, and more. It might not perform as high when compared to other trail camera brands such as Victure, Ancheer, and Campark. However, it is a device that works well enough for you to get some experience with trail cameras and their potential advantages.


There’s nothing better than knowing about all of the activity around your property, and regardless of why you’re looking to buy a trail camera, they can be incredibly useful tools. The best way to become an effective hunter is to be aware of everything happening around you, and the ENKLOV Camera can certainly help.

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