Finding a Deer in the Wild: Few Basic Ways to See Them

Before you go deer hunting, there’s a lot you need to know about the animal. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend half the day concealed behind the trunk of a tree in the hopes of a deer crossing your path.

Here are a few basics you should know about how to find and attract deer:

Deer calls

A deer’s eyes have the ability to sense the slightest bit of movement, this alerts them of predators around them. This is why deer are wary of humans, and are often scared away when a human gets in close proximity to them.

For this reason, a deer call is a useful tool in attracting deer. The guise makes the deer believe that you’re one of them, making the more likely to come to your general vicinity. Researching deer species will allow you to find the best whistle to make a deer call that will work.

Since deer call dialects differ depending on species, the best way to attract them is to use a call for species that are present in the region.

No matter where they are, deer will be attracted to you if they believe they’re hearing one of their own.

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Deer cameras

If you want to monitor game for hunting or are a fan of animal photography, a deer camera will come in handy. Trail hunting cameras come with a variety of technologies that make it easier for you to find and track deer. Today’s cameras offer amazing video and crystal clear image taking options. With power back-ups, night vision, and a large amount of data storage, they’re exactly what you need to figure out where deer visit on your property.

Capturing the best moments on your hunting trip is just as important as getting the perfect shot. With the latest designs and technology, deer cameras come in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Picking a camouflage design allows you to capture close-ups of the deer beautifully and inconspicuously.

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deer on a hill seen from a blind

Deer stands and blinds

Holding your heavy equipment or crouching on the floor to get a good shot can get uncomfortable on long hunting trips.

Deer stands and blinds are the perfect way to ensure visibility and an effective method to get your shot. Browse through the best ones here. Deer stands provide a safe, steady platform for you get the highest visibility from. Having a vantage point will afford you success each and every time.

Deer blinds are a portable device you can use to get close to deer without arousing their suspicion. The blinds camouflage into the surroundings, allowing you to get close to the deer without them scaring them away.

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