7 Top Hunting Blind Chair Reviews

Without a hunting blind chair to take along on your next hunting trip, your comfort levels will assuredly be that much lower. As such, we thought it crucial to share some reviews on a few possible contenders currently available on the market for you to consider purchasing before your next excursion.

Whether you are planning a short day hunting trip, or a week-long camp searching for deer in the wild, you can rest assured that you will find something on this hunting blind chairs list suited to you.

7 Hunting Blind Chair Reviews

These brands and models offer some of the must-have features to keep you safe and comfortable.

Ameristep Blind Chair

Ameristep Portable Folding Design Hunting Lightweight Tripod Blind Chair with Backrest, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country


Introducing the Ameristep blind chair, a hunting seat designed to deliver on all of your comfort needs for the next trip. Designed in a practical, triangular shape, this hunting chair lets you seamlessly change your seating arrangement to get comfortable. Its resistant design helps to reduce any noise when you’re shifting position so that there’s no chance of scaring any close-range game.

Compact for Easy Travel

It has a compact size that makes it easy to pack and hike with should you be setting out for a multi-day trip. This chair has also been designed with durability in mind. Its powder-coated frame ensures the chair can withstand all manner of elements. In addition, the Ameristep has been crafted from sturdy, durable fabric, which should ease your concerns about it getting damaged. Wind, rain, snow or sun, this chair will be fine.

Perfect Seat Height

If you find yourself in a ground blind or tower blind position, concealment is key. Ameristep focused on this when they were making the hunting blind chair. As such, you can rest assured that the final product has been created to offer the right seat height for hunters of all sizes to remain hidden and out of sight.

Main Features

  • Powder-coated frame for long-lasting effects
  • 50% polyester/ 50% cotton
  • Heavy-duty weather resistant fabric
  • Triangle shape


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Banded Swivel Blind Chair – Bottomland


Banded B08704 Swivel Blind Chair Regular Bottomland Hunting Gear

Next up, we bring you the Banded Swivel Bottomland chair. Upon first glance, you may be easily convinced that this is a regular chair. However, on further investigation, you can find additional nifty features to reveal that it is all the more than that.

Designed to Swivel

Banded chairs offer a 360-degree swivel capability to allow you to quickly move around and spot possible game from all angles. It removes all additional interference that would usually come from you having to shift around in a confined space.

Durable and Weather Resistant

This seat is made with a long-wearing, dura-max 600D water-resistant exterior. Durability is vital for all those long hunting trips that require you to exercise the utmost patience. Kitted out with this blind seat, you can sit through all manner of weather while you wait out your hunt.

Another great feature of this product is the stability of its base. When you are out in the elements, finding flat, stable ground is not always the easiest of tasks. Fortunately, the Banded hunting chair offers flared bottoms, so you can be assured of superior strength and thorough grounding.

Main Features

  • 360-degree swivel to offer a full range of motions
  • Long-wearing dura-max 600D water-resistant exterior
  • Metal frame designed with a flared bottom for extra strength and stability


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Guide Gear Big Boy Swivel Hunting Blind Chair


Guide Gear Big Boy Hunting Blind Chair, Portable Folding Seat for Shooting, Comfortable Spin Swivel, 500-lb. Capacity

The Guide Gear Big Boy is a hunting blind chair of steel, built to withstand any sort of harsh weather conditions. It also offers a silent swivel for all your hunting prowess needs. All that you need to do is find a spot, get comfortable and allow the waiting game to commence.

Dura Mesh Seat for Extra Comfort

If you’re a frequent game hunter, you’ll know that sitting in one position for a prolonged period can become pretty uncomfortable very quickly. The Guide Gear Big Boy is kitted with a dura mesh seat to ensure extra comfort for these long waits. It also has a large, wide backrest so that your back is better supported.


Furthermore, this hunting chair is extremely lightweight at only 19lbs, making it easy to carry on your walk into nature where you will have to navigate all kinds of terrain. The wide duck feet ensure that you sit firmly in your seat as opposed to those the unfortunate happenings of sinking into the ground.

Main Features

  • 500-pound capacity
  • Dura mesh seat
  • Steel frame
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Wide-duck feet


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Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Chair with Armrests

Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair with Armrests, 500 lb. Capacity


The Guide Gear Big Boy blind chair with armrests is a comfortable hunting seat that offers sufficient back support so that you don’t strain your back or your posture while hunting. Besides being bad for your health, sitting uncomfortably for such a long period of time will likely ruin your enjoyment of being immersed in nature.

Comfortable with Arm Rests

The armrests go a long way in making for a more comfortable overall seating experience. Admittedly, armrests may not at first appear to be a massive game-changer in design. However, after one hunting session too long without anything to rest your elbows on, you may beg to differ.

Easy to Disassemble

Equally essential to take note of, is the chair’s simple disassemble feature, making the carrying process that much smoother. It also includes a carry strap to allow for faster transport that is less of a mission. This strap will come in handy as the Guide Gear Big Boy is a little on the heavier side.

This hunting chair also features 360-degree silent swivel action so that you can track all angles of the field easier.

Main Features

  • Extra comfort offered thanks to the addition of armrests
  • 360-degree swivel feature included
  • Dura-mesh seat included which aids in heightened comfort and support
  • Wide-duck feet to aid stability
  • Easy to fold up and store
  • Steel frame design encourages stability


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Bolderton 360 Degree Swivel Hunting Blind Chair with Armrests

Bolderton 360 Degree Swivel Hunting Blind Chair with Armrests, 300 lbs Capacity, Folding, Lightweight, Portable, Padded Cushion Hunting Seat, Mossy Oak Country Camo

Next up is the Bolderton, a hunting blind chair designed for multi-purpose use. Whether you are heading on your annual hunting trip, a family hiking trip, or just a garden picnic, the Bolderton is a great asset to take along.


With this model, you can avoid the usual hassle that a folding chair brings. It offers a simple means of packing up as it is so easy to dismantle. It breaks down into two pieces, making for a more efficient, compact use of packing space. This element, coupled with its lightweight capabilities, make it a hunting seat that is hard to resist.

Extra Padding for Seating Comfort

Of the things that might worry a hunter the most about a hunting blind chair is a lack of cushioning. The Bolderton Swivel hunting chair ensures extra comfort due to the additional padding found in the shoulders, thigh and back-located spots. This feature is a welcome addition for those long stretches of waiting.

Main Features

  • 360-degree swivel – 300 lb capability
  • Weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame to ensure all the more durability
  • Seat Height: 19″
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra padding
  • Lightweight at only 12 lbs
  • Folding chair



ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair


ALPS Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Hunting Chair, Regular,Adjustable Height, Brown

Next on our list of top hunting chair choices for all your hunting trip needs is the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth hunter blind chair. As a brand that delivers items designed directly from the experience and hands of hunters themselves, they have made sure not to leave anything out.

Comfortable Durable Breathable Mesh Material

ALPS specializes in comfort and durability at all levels. Covered with a durable, breathable mesh that dries quickly and easily, it assures you of the utmost comfort and convenience. The mesh is also easy to clean, which is always a perk. Once you have set up your bait, you can get comfortable, sink into the TechMesh material, and begin your wait.

Removable Parts for More Seating Space

This chair is kitted out to the tee with a supportive backrest that can easily collapse. You can remove the armrests when you order the deluxe option to give you all the more moving space. It is finished off with a powder-coated steel frame and offers a convenient carry system for all your transportation needs.

Main Features

  • Supportive backrest
  • Adjustable height
  • 360-degree rotating blind seat
  • Techmesh material
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Removable armrests – if you take the deluxe option


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Hawk Big Denali Luxury Chair

Hawk Big Denali Luxury Blind Chair - Extra Large, Silent, Comfortable, Swiveling, Portable Chair for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Backpacking, and More

Whether you are going on a camping trip, fishing trip, or just backpacking through nature, the Hawk Big Denali Luxury hunting blind chair is a great model to take along. Its 360-degree swivel functionality makes it the perfect model for your trips as you can easily monitor all angles.

Wider Seat Than Most

One of the significant aspects that this model promotes is extra-comfort, extra-width, and XXL mesh coverage. Indeed, this is no ordinary hunting blind chair. It features a high, contoured backrest to provide superior comfort when out on the hunt.

Adjustable Legs for More Support

Besides the additional extras offered, the Hawk is also highly suitable for any rough terrain. Each leg can be adjusted independently, allowing you to get just the right stability rather than needing to constantly re-adjust.

The likelihood of this seat sinking into any softer ground is also low due to the large duck-like feet included in this design. These feet also aid in keeping the chair upright and secure.

Main Features

  • Extra-wide design
  • XXL Mesh lounger: Designed to include armrests, and a contoured, high backrest.
  • 360-degree swivel capability
  • Seat Height: 19″
  • Independently adjusting legs
  • Large duck feet provided for heightened stability
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Final Thoughts

In the event that you were concerned about finding the best hunting blind chair for your deer blinds, we made sure to provide you with more than enough options to choose from. From comfort and extra-padding to swivel capability and legs with duck-feet, there are numerous features and elements to decide between.

Be sure to see our best deer feeder reviews so you can view deer while in your chair.

Feed that game is filled with helpful tips to help make your hunt a successful one, so carry on reading or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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