Kamtron Waterproof Deer Camera for Hunting and Home Security Review

Kamtron Waterproof Deer Camera for Hunting and Home Security Review

When you are hunting, you need to always be prepared not only to capture the prey but also to shoot the perfect moment. Thanks to devices like the Kamtron Waterproof Deer Camera for Hunting and Home Security you do not need to worry about fumbling in these moments.

A product of world-class technology, this trail camera can appeal to both professionals and enthusiasts. It has a great number of features and uses too that we will discuss more specifically in the paragraphs below.

Many times, hunters and even trail enthusiasts find it difficult to find a good camera that would suit all their needs. As preferences differ from one person to another, it is always a relief to find a product that has a lot of features but at the same time not overwhelming to use.

The Kamtron has a variety of quality features and benefits that we will enumerate below.

Kamtron Camera Features

External LCD screen

If you are the type of person who cannot wait to see the shots you have captured, then you will love the Kamtron’s external LCD screen. You can easily see if you captured the perfect shot in an instant.

Aside from displaying the photo, you can also see the settings you have used. This makes it easy to adjust and correct your settings for the next picture-perfect moment.

1080P HD resolution and 12MP camera

With cameras today, low resolution is not cutting it. To have an excellent video, you should also have the ability to shoot it in high definition. This product comes with the ability to shoot in 1080P full high definition resolution.

It can also take explicit photos with its 12MP camera. These features ensure that even the tiniest details will be captured and displayed in its full glory.

Quick trigger speed

The one situation you do not want to be caught in is to be in the perfect wildlife moment and forgetting to click the record button. The good thing about this product is that it can quickly capture the moment because of its less than one-second trigger speed. Every movement can now be captured with ease and precision.

Very good burst mode

Sometimes taking one shot just would not do. Good thing this Kamtron Waterproof Camera has a built-in burst mode which takes nine photos per shot.

IR night vision capability

This product has 940nm IR LEDs, which makes it possible to turn on your IR night vision without emitting a white flash that could scare the animals or vandals away. This feature is pretty convenient since some photos taken in the dark are more beautiful and interesting.

Service and long warranty 

A lot of people are hesitant purchasing gadgets such as this because of its limited warranty and service. The Kamtron has a 12-month satisfaction warranty. Now you do not need to worry about regretting your purchase if something happens during this long warranty period.


You will never know what kind of situation, terrain or weather you will be in. It is nice to know that this product is waterproof. No need to be afraid of getting a bit of water in your gear just to capture that winning shot.

Minimal battery consumption

Another situation that you do not want to be in is when you have a perfect shot, and your camera dies on you. Curse those batteries that would not last long.

This product uses four or eight pieces of battery that can last up to six months in standby. It is equally important to have not only fancy gear but also long-lasting battery supply.

Outdoor and rugged design

Let us face it, you would not normally use this type of camera indoors, but it will be abused outdoors. Whether it is somewhere rainy or dusty, the Kamtron camera is the right gear. It can withstand rain and dust complementing the great outdoors.

The Kamtron Waterproof Deer Camera for Hunting and Home Security has a lot of features. It can also be used in different outdoor activities likes animal hunting, tracing, home security or wildlife sightseeing.

Now that we know its different features let us move on to some of its advantages and disadvantages which we outlined below.


Easy to operate

Even with its wide range of features, this product is easy to operate and use.

Nice specifications

As mentioned above, this camera can shoot in 1080P HD resolution. It also has a 12MP camera. The possibilities of shooting are endless when you have the right specs and gear.

Fast trigger speed

With its less than one-second trigger speed, this feature can be a lifesaver for capturing unexpected moments in the wildlife.

Waterproof and weatherproof

Great for any situation, this gear can withstand any terrain or condition.

Minimal use of power

Every gear needs its power source, good thing this product does not require much and can even last up to six months on standby.

Infrared night vision 

Definitely an advantage among other cameras, you can shoot clear pictures at night without the worry of a bright flash.

Multiple uses

Aside from using it in the outdoors like trailing, tracing or hunting, you can also use this gear to beef up your home security.


One color and design available

It currently comes in camouflage.

It can be a bit bulky

Because of its features, it can be quite big to handle for some people.

It can only support up to 32gb of memory card data

Memory space can be limited if you are always using your camera shooting and recording.


Overall, the Kamtron Waterproof Deer Camera for Hunting and Home Security provides varying features and benefits. If you are just starting out and want a gear that has a lot of capabilities, then this product is right for you.

Aside from being easy to operate, it also possesses great specifications including a 12MP camera and 1080P HD resolution.

Whether you will be using it in the outdoors or just for home security, this camera is waterproof and weatherproof. It can be a bit bulky for some to use, and it may have a limited 32gb memory card compatibility, but that should not deter you from this option.

It’s pros far outweigh its cons. With all the great features, the Kamtron Waterproof Deer Camera is definitely a great starting trail camera for outdoor enthusiasts.

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