Moultrie Gravity Feeder for Deer – 30 Gallon Review

Are you looking for a smart solution for feeding your deer? The Moultrie Gravity Feeder may just be the answer. This tripod feeder uses a simple and effective design to make sure that your game will always remain well fed.

Moultrie has always been able to offer great quality feeders at affordable prices and this product is no exception. During the spring and summer antler-growing season, this product seriously comes in handy as you can maximize your deer’s protein intake.

Moultrie Gravity Feeder (30 Gallon Capacity) Review

In this review, we will break down the different features to see what makes it unique. We will also look into how it compares to similar feeding products on the market, to help you make an informed decision.

By the end of this review, you will know:

  • All about the Moultrie feeder and how it works
  • How to set the feeder up
  • What feed you can put in it
  • The best placement for the feeder
  • How often you will need to top it up

Main Features

  • 30-gallon capacity feeder
  • Holds 200 pounds of feed
  • Works on a tripod stand
  • No batteries are required for the operation of this feeder
  • This model is ideal for feeding protein pellets
  • The design can easily switch to an auto spin-cast feeder if desired


Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Deer Feeder Tripod, Gravity Kit



The Moultrie Gravity Feeder may seem like a simple product, but it is made with some thoughtful touches in order to make feeding your deer easier than ever before. Let’s take a deeper look into the various features and elements of this product that help to make it stand apart from the rest.

30 Gallon Capacity

The first thing you will want to know about buying a new deer feeder is how large the capacity is. The Feeder consists of the main tank with a pretty impressive 30-gallon capacity. 30-gallons translates to 200 pounds of corn for each fill. You can fit plenty of pellets or feed in this tank, which will last quite a while with smaller volumes of deer.

Even though there is a fairly high volume of feed going into this product, the flow never seems to be restricted. Throughout the entire 30-gallons, you shouldn’t have to worry about coming back to shake the feeder in order to loosen up its contents.

The 30-gallon capacity is smaller than some bulk feeders. However, this is a very conveniently sized product for those that don’t require mass feeding. The feeder can also be easily fitted into smaller spaces.

Parts Included

Tripod Stand System


Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Deer Feeder Tripod, Gravity Kit


This Moultrie gravity feeder uses a solid tripod stand system. The stand is easy to place in all kinds of terrain, and it will ensure a stable feeder wherever you seem to put it. Not only is it solid and stable enough to hold the 200-pound feed load, but it is also easy for animals to access.

When setting this product up, make sure that you set the feeder high enough off the ground to suit the larger deer.

Quick-Lock Adapter

One of the brilliant features has got to be the handy quick-lock adapter. This is a simple mechanism on the product that allows you to convert it into an auto spin-cast feeder if you desire.

This can be done instantaneously, allowing you to easily switch between the two different settings as you need to. When locked, the feeder remains firm and solid. This flexibility in the product is one of the key features that makes it a good buy.

Triple Feeder Funnels


Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Deer Feeder Tripod, Gravity Kit


The Gravity kit on this feeder utilizes three different feeder funnels. These all come with an adjustable flow function. Having the three different funnels allows you to feed more deer at any given time. It also allows for greater gravity feed flow and a decreased risk of blockage.

The adjustable flow function is useful, as it allows you to perfectly control the speed at which the funnels distribute feed. This is especially helpful when you need to set the feeder funnels to the ideal size of your pellets.

Gravity System

One of the best things about this unit is that it doesn’t require any batteries to disperse the feed. It is a completely self-managing feeder that works on the flow of gravity. You might want to consider gravity vs. digital feeders before you purchase one.

The pellets drop down into the triple feeder funnels, allowing a constant gradual flow of food. This makes using this Moultrie product a whole lot easier to manage. If you have feeders spread out across large spaces, you will really enjoy not having to worry about maintaining them too often.


The measurements come in at 18.5 x 24.5 x 25 inches. This is a pretty convenient size – especially considering the large feed capacity. If you are looking for a feeder that won’t take up too much space, but will still get the job done, then this is a good product.

Bear in mind that these dimensions do not include the tripod legs. You will need to make sure that these legs are the right height for your space and deer.


The Moultrie Gravity Feeder for deer is made from high-quality, durable plastic. This is perfect for withstanding all kinds of outdoor conditions. The legs, which are sold separately, are made from a strong and durable metal.

Type of Feed That Can Be Used

The purpose of this feeder is to provide your deer with high-quality protein during the antler-growing season. This product can be used with special protein pellets or regular deer feed. The 200-pound capacity is measured using corn which can also be used in this feeder. The adjustable flow of the funnels allows you to set the product up to perfectly suit whatever feed is being used.

What We Like

  • The feeder requires minimal maintenance or effort
  • A convenient size
  • Holds a pretty impressive capacity
  • No batteries are required
  • It can change into an auto-spin cast feeder
  • The three funnel system is easy to access

Minor Drawbacks

  • The feeder is pretty close to the ground

The feet are made from strong metal, and fit any tripod feeder with a 1 5/16” leg diameter. They come with holes in them which allow you to stake them into hard ground. Overall, they can be used on all types of soil and terrain.

How to Set the Feeder Up

One of the great things about using the Moultrie Gravity Feeder is how easy it is to set up and operate. There are no complex features or difficult design elements here – just a straightforward gravity-based deer feeder.

All you need to do is attach the tripod legs and metal feet to the 30-gallon feeder. Once these are on, you can place the feeder in pretty much any kind of soil or terrain. Fill up the tank with feed and you are good to go!

Some will prefer to raise the feeder a little higher than its standard-setting in order to accommodate larger deer or to keep varmint out of the feed. This can be achieved by adding extensions onto the legs.

The best place to set up your deer feeder will be in a habitat that includes food, bed, and water. This is where you can best attract deer to the feeder. Explore your property to find a place where the elements come together. This can often be found in lower-lying places – such as drainage areas or creek beds.

Final Thoughts on this Moultrie Deer Feeder

This 30 gallon Moultrie gravity feeder is the best deer feeder for anyone wanting to provide their deer with high-quality protein during the spring and summer months. This feeder is simple, easy to use, and seriously durable. You get a smart and well-designed product – perfect for all kinds of terrain and conditions.

If you are after one of the top 30-gallon feeders on the market, then be sure to consider this one by Moultrie.

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