Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit Review – Quick Lock Model

Deer are herbivorous nocturnal animals that feed on anything. They are not picky eaters but they love vegetables, flowers, fruits, and nuts. Whether you are aiming for perfect wildlife photography, want to make sure your local deer have enough to eat during the winter, when food is scarce, or simply enjoy watching them, there’s one thing that you can use to attract them: a deer feeder, or Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit.

What is a deer feeder? Deer feeders are useful tools for those who want to attract deer to one specific spot. It is placed in an area where deer frequent. Knowing the best time when deer are most active and placing a feeder in the perfect spot is an effective way to attract them.

A good deer feeder is portable and lightweight. You should be able to carry it to the wild with your bare hands and energy, so don’t buy something that weighs too much. It should have a durable construction that withstands bumps and animal encounters. It is quite an investment, so make sure to buy a model that can last for years, and has some length of warranty coverage.

Reading deer feeder buying guides and information about the models will equip you to go shopping for a feeder that will meet your needs and budget. One of the most reliable deer feeders today is the Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit.

Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit – Features

This product has a variety of features that make it worth investigating. These include:

  • The Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit is built with a premium quick-lock modular technology. It enables you to control the amount of food you feed the deer and when you do the feeding.
  • Featuring a digital timer, this kit is programmable up to 6 feeding times in one day each with 1-20 seconds duration.
  • It is easy to connect to the barrel or hopper. Simply put it into the quick-lock adapter, twist it, then lock
  • Durability wise, this model is built with metal spin plate and funnel that are resilient to wind. They are enclosed in strong ABS plastic to add protection against undesirable elements.
  • This product is easy to use. Its parts are replaceable too. This is very helpful when it comes to the sustainability of the device.
  • Other unique features are a feed level estimator to indicate the available feed inside, a battery indicator to show the remaining power, external power port to charge the battery, and a built-in varmint guard to keep away unwelcome varmints. This is especially useful as managing these kinds of animals is always a concern.


There are many pros when it comes to using this product. These include:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick-lock feature
  • Affordable
  • With varmint guard
  • Durable
  • Programmable


On the other hand, no product is perfect. These are some of the points to consider:

  • No solar port or connection
  • Motor appears to be rusty
  • Easy to twist quick lock


A feeder kit is a pretty good investment and an effective tool to attract deer and bring them to your yard, or to provide them with food in scarce food times, like winter. For photographers and wildlife observers, it is a pretty useful tool to attract deer and keep them in a specific spot longer than usual.

When purchasing a feeder kit, it is important to consider the weight and portability. It should not be light enough so it can be easily carried where you want to set it up.

It should also withstand bumps and the weather elements. One of the best feeder kits that has these qualities is the Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit. But other than these qualities are other practical, unique features.

Unique Features

One unique feature is the digital timer that allows you to control how much and how often you feed the deer in a day.

It also has a quick-lock adapter that prevents feed spills and attaches to most hoppers or barrels. However, some users say that this quick lock feature is easy to twist, causing all the feed to spill out.

While the Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit has no solar port, it has an external power port through which the battery can be charged. It is easy to assemble because it has easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand instructions.

If that wasn’t enough, it is also durable, wind resistant, and comes with a feed level estimator, battery indicator, and varmint guard. Managing varmints is a great concern, so this is something you should definitely consider when purchasing one of these kinds of devices.

This Moultrie Quick Lock Deer Feeder Kit is smart buy whether you want to attract and watch the deer or simply feed them over the winter. You might also like the All in One Timer kit from Moultrie.

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