Moultrie Feed Station PVC Deer Feeder Review

Buying a quality game feeder will attract deer as well as other wildlife to your area and keep them there. The Moultrie feed station PVC deer feeder is one simple to use product that does just that.

Moultrie game feeders are well known in the industry. Over the years, the brand has manufactured a broad range of high-quality outdoor feed dispensers. They are known for their well-made designs and their durable products are ideal for helping attract and keep deer around at an affordable price.

Furthermore, they have also used their experience to develop better systems and make improvements as time has progressed.

This is where the Moultrie Feed Station Pro Gravity Feeder comes in – it is an upgrade on a previous model. Read our review below to see where it stands.

Moultrie Feed Station PVC Deer Feeder Details


Moultrie Feed Station | Gravity Feeder | UV-Resistant Plastic | Strap Included


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Unlike a hanging deer feeder, the Feed Station Pro is mounted using the straps that come with it. It offers a simple design and is a low maintenance option. The initial setup of the feeder requires minimal effort as you can quickly and easily attach it to trees or posts.

Overall, this Moultrie gravity feeder doesn’t require too much attention. Because it is gravity fed, feed is discharged at a constant rate at all times so you won’t have batteries or electronics to check and replace. This feature also means that you won’t need to program it.

Aside from installing, refilling or cleaning it, you shouldn’t need to do anything with the dispenser.

The construction is UV resistant material which means it is durable under the sun’s rays. Ultimately it will last for a long period of time regardless of where it is placed.

The pro model is an upgrade to the original Moultrie feed station which had a 40lb capacity. At 80lbs this one is much larger, meaning you’ll need to take fewer trips to refill it.  In turn, this will disturb the deer and wildlife less, as well as reduce human scent in the area which can put off them off and make them anxious.

When filling your food dispenser, a variety of types of feed can be used.  All corn, protein pellets and powders will work well and all of it will stay dry throughout the winter thanks to the ‘weeping holes’ installed at the bottom of the feeder. These let any water that gets inside drain out freely.

How To Set It Up

This PVC deer feeder is really simple to install on any tree or post. Getting the best location for feeding the deer can make all the difference though. If you aren’t sure where to position your food dispenser follow this link on learning the best ideas on how to attract deer to your feeders.

The Moultrie Feed Station Pro is designed to be fixed to trees or posts and as such, comes inclusive of two durable, weather resistant straps that you can use to do this. Enough nuts and bolts for the installation are also included with each unit purchased.

If you are fixing it to a tree, the straps simply loop around the back side of the dispenser and around any size tree. The adjustable straps will let it fit most trees, and there is a buckle to allow them to be tightened and loosened. Note that it should fit snuggly against the tree trunk.

Once it is fitted securely, fill it up with your chosen feed and then ensure the lid is attached properly.

It is important not to fill the station with food until it is strapped on as it will be heavy and harder to mount with the additional weight of the food.

If you are fixing it to a post, use the nuts and bolts provided to mount it. Place the slanted side against the post and wrap the straps around the back and then the front, where grooves are placed to secure them.

Once this is tightened and secured, you can fill it with your feed. Don’t forget to attach the lid once you are done.

Stand Out Features

Gravity Driven

The food dispenser is a gravity fed system. This means food is released as some is taken, so you won’t have to check on it. No complications here – there are no batteries or electronics to replace as is the case on other models.

Large Capacity for Feed

Moultrie Feed Station | Gravity Feeder | UV-Resistant Plastic | Strap Included


It has a larger capacity than its predecessor. This means that fewer trips to sometimes relatively inaccessible or out of town locations are needed to refill it.

In addition to saving you time, this also reduces the human scent in the area which can make deer anxious.


Plastic deer feeders are not often considered the most durable or hardy. However, this model is made from UV resistant green plastic which reduces the chances of it perishing and becoming weaker in the sun.

Furthermore, the sturdy design means that it can withstand being tugged at or dropped unlike other dispenser types such as tripod or bucket models which have electronic parts. That being said, these products are designed to be durable overall.

Easy To Mount

Includes two weather-resistant straps as well as nuts and bolts to mount the Moultrie outdoor feeders onto any tree or post, simply and easily.

Feed Stays Dry

Water can sometimes get into the dispenser and if it sits there, will spoil the food. Because this unit has been designed with weeping holes at the bottom, water drains out. This ensures that the game feed is kept dry throughout the winter months.

What We Like

  • Affordable option for feeding deer
  • Easy to install
  • Very low maintenance
  • Large capacity

This game feeder is an affordable model that is super quick to install and set up. The simple and durable design means that there is less to go wrong.

Fewer visits are required to fill the dispenser because it is a large capacity unit. This means it can be left to function for longer periods of time once it has been set up.

Some people argue that the programmed, timed feeders are thought to be beneficial to limit human interaction with game and the area. However, due to its larger capacity visits are minimized somewhat anyway.

Minor Drawbacks

While the installation straps that come with the Moultrie PVC deer feeder are weatherproof, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are critter proof. Squirrels and raccoons may be able to gnaw through the material or even tug it off.

It also doesn’t come with a guard against varmint, so if raccoons and squirrels are a problem in the area, they too can benefit from the feeder! You can, however, install one if this becomes a problem in time. You can use Moultrie feeder parts as add-ons in this case.

What the Reviews Say

The Moultrie feed station gravity deer feeder reviews tell us the most.  Those that have purchased it already are pleased with how simple it is to use. They specifically note how easy the installation was and how much deer feed they can fit in.

A Similar Option Available

Similar to the Feed Station Pro is the Banks gravity feeder. It also offers durability as one of its main selling features as its made from UV stabilized polyethylene. Furthermore, it has no mechanical parts which can become broken.

This model also allows food to be available constantly but has the added benefit of adjustable ports which can change how much flows out. As a result, the amount that is distributed can be regulated somewhat.

It has a larger capacity of 300lbs so will also be ideal for those who like the idea of not having to refill it too often, and the feed is protected with an overlapping door.

Like the Moultrie Pro, it also fits on trees or posts and can also be set up on a 4”x 4” pole if required.

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, the same brand also offers the Moultrie all in one feeder or Moultrie directional feeder.


For an affordable feeder with next to zero maintenance requirements, the Moultrie Feed station PVC Pro is a great product. The brand is well regarded in the industry which speaks volumes for people looking to buy one of their products.

The easy installation is a great feature. In addition, the simple but durable design means it can withstand weather, and that deer, raccoons or squirrels can’t knock it about.

We think the Moultrie deer feeder is a good choice for those who don’t want to fuss over programming and wish to minimize disturbing the game.

In addition to this model feeder, there are other options for gravity fed or directional mechanisms. If you would like to understand which one might be best for you, we have more advice that will be of use.

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