3 Muddy Treestands Reviews

If you are someone who loves hunting  you’ll need a deer stand that is both practical and safe. There is a wide variety of tree stands that can be used for hunting, one brand that stands out from the rest is Muddy Treestands.

Muddy Outdoors products offer exceptionally high-end features as well as unrivaled quality. This brand is known for exceeding limitations and constantly raising the bar through experience, innovation and commitment. With Muddy Outdoors, you’re choosing the best in a market.

Muddy Treestands Reviews incl. features, pros, & cons on Muddy Boss Hang-On Treestand, the Skybox Deluxe Ladder Stand, or the MLS2601 Vertex 20' 2-Person Ladder Stand

In this review, we present three models that we believe are superior for many reasons. Whether it’s the Muddy Boss Hang-On Treestand, the Skybox Deluxe Ladder Stand, or the MLS2601 Vertex 20′ 2-Person Ladder Stand, these products don’t disappoint!

3 Best Muddy Treestands Reviews

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Boss Hang-On Tree Stand


Muddy The Boss Hang-On Treestand- Silent Straps, Flex-Tek Comfort Seating, Extra Wide Platform, Black (MUD-MFP1080)


With the Boss Hang-On Muddy treestand, you will be able to bide your time in absolute comfort. This innovative design features ‘Flex-Tek’ technology that will deliver optimum support needed to wait for the best shot to come along.

Additionally, you can flip it up and out of the way for full use of the deep non-slip platform with its built-in footrest. This wide-stance platform includes silent straps and has no metal-on-metal contact, ensuring silent movement.


Furthermore, the fixed position tree stand can be folded flat, which makes it ideal for transport and storage. What makes this product truly great is its lightweight and easily portable qualities. While these Muddy treestands may be compact and easy to move around, they are still strong and extremely sturdy. This portable perch will have you up and hunting big game faster than most brands.


Weighing in at just 19 lbs, you will never be limited to one hunting location. This Muddy tree stand is tough and was designed to ensure you are kept safe throughout your hunt as well as after.

Main Features

  • Stand weight: 19 lbs
  • Weight rating: 300 lbs
  • Constructed with sturdy steel
  • Compact design that folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Features a deep non-slip foot platform of 24”W X 30”D (giving you extra-wide stances)
  • Innovative Flek-Tek seat technology with a flip-back seat
  • Silent straps


  • Durable steel construction
  • Foam padded and flip-up seat design
  • A wide variety of innovative accessories are available and sold separately


  • Does not include assembly bolts on delivery


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Skybox Deluxe Ladder Stand


Muddy MLS1550 Skybox Deluxe 20' Tall Single Steel Ladder Tree Stand with Adjustable Padded Shooting Rail for Big Game & Hunting


With the Skybox 20′ Deluxe Ladder Stand, you will be able to get high up with ease. This innovative and durable ladder stand includes all-steel stand features as well as a silencer technology to ensure there is no metal on metal contact. This will provide you with ultimate silence in the field.


The dynamic sling-style 20″W x 15″D Flex-Tek offers ultimate comfort, making it ideal for long days in the stand. The seat also slips back, moving it out of the way for standing hunting. With a padded shooting rail, you will have the ideal height and depth adjustment necessary for your gun.

The 19″W x 26″D platform provides a sturdy spot to stand with its D-Force expanded metal construction, and also includes a flip-back footrest, offering enhanced comfort.

With a height of 20 feet and a 350 lb weight capacity, this model is a double-rail ladder stand designed for heavy-duty use.

Main Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Flex-Tek and flip back seat technology
  • Padded armrests
  • Stand Weight: 82 lbs


  • Tall ladder stand that adjusts to fit you
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • No metal on metal contact offering enhanced silence
  • Flex-Tek technology for ultimate comfort
  • Padded armrests and shooting rail
  • Deep foot platform for a wide stance
  • Flip back footrest


  • No drink holder


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MLS2601 Vertex 20′ 2-Person Ladder Stand with Tree-Lok System


Muddy Nexus XTL (Extremely Tough) Steel Double Tree/Ladder Stand for Big Game/Shooting/Hunting with Hercules System


Designed with ultralight Flex-Tek technology as well as a zero-gravity seat, these MLS2601 Tree-Lok Muddy tree stands are ahead of their game. Not only is this Muddy Outdoors model ultra silent with its orange nylon silencers, but its bench-style seat is big enough for two hunters.

With an adjustable 1”-thick padded shooting rail, delivering a sturdy gun rest that can easily be flipped back for a clear bow shot, this product exceeds most expectations. For greater versatility, there is an expanded D-force metal footrest that flips back with ease.

Built to Last

The new and extra-stable Tree-Lok system features reinforced heavy-duty steel construction, including a Fiber Guard powder-coated finish, ensuring a non-slip grip that can resist almost all elements.

With four single-rail bolted sections, two ratchet straps, an adjustable support bar, and two stabilizer straps, this model is three times stronger than most. This model also includes padded armrests as well as 2 accessory hooks and 2 drink holders.

Main Features

  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Dynamic foot platform
  • Zero-gravity seat
  • Bench style seat, big enough for two people
  • Height: 18 ft
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Comfortable Flex-Tek seat with backrest
  • Dot oval tubing is easy to grip


  • Ultra comfort with spacious bench-like seating that can fit 2 hunters
  • Padded armrests
  • Adjustable padded shooting rail (with flip back capabilities)
  • Flip-back footrest
  • Nifty drink holders


  • Reviews state that some key parts were not included


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Advantages Of Using A Treestand

Hunting from a height has always carried many advantages along with using the best deer stands and other hunting products. Today, as the hunting industry continues to grow and hunting as a sport becomes more and more popular, advancements in technology and hunting products have followed.

Tree stands have been around for many years. Though at first, they were chunky and uncomfortable. As time passed, today’s models have evolved into the useful hunting accessories they are today.

While many say that mobility is the main reason they use tree stands, there are many advantages to using one, these include but are not limited to:

Uncompromised Line of Sight

You will undoubtedly have a higher vantage point for spotting deer and other big game. This will allow you to see more of the land around you, as well as further into the distance, giving you more time to set up a shot.

Higher Ground Advantage

Using a stand places you high above the eye level of the deer. Most deer will be unlikely to expect danger from above, generally expecting it to be on the same level as they are. Ladder stands are especially useful in providing a higher vantage point.

It is important to note that some deer that have witnessed hunters in tree stands may become wary over time.

Ultimate Concealment

While height is a significant advantage, a lot of models (Muddy treestands Outdoors brand included) also include a wide variety of additional accessories available. Hunting accessories such as blind covers or a camo tree umbrella can give you additional cover and comfort.

Ease of Movement and Mobility

Because you are above ground, you can get away with moving around more than you would on the ground. This makes it easier for you to get into a good shooting position. In addition, it helps you to stay still while remaining comfortable.


Statistics have shown that shooting from a higher level offers more precision and it’s safer than shooting at something from the same level.

Scent Control

With a tree stand, your scent will be kept above ground level. This is a huge advantage in flat/ leveled areas so that big game won’t catch your scent and get scared off. It is also crucial to take the direction and patterns of the wind into consideration when using one.

Muddy Treestand Maintenance

One of the main dangers hunters face with tree stands is the possibility that you may accidentally plummet from the tree. Thus, you must take all the necessary care and precautions before the season starts. It is recommended that you should inspect your stands for any old parts that may have suffered from wear and tear.

Usually, items such as cables, straps, or bolts may need replacement over time. Should you find any large rust spots, it may be time to consider a replacement.

While items such as safety harnesses are known to mitigate some of the risks of a fall, it is recommended to take other, more effective, precautions as well.

Using a non-scented lubricant on your metal on metal parts can reduce the friction and sound, ensuring you don’t alert your potential target with unnecessary noise. You can also cover any exposed metal parts with foam or lots of duct tape, which can help dampen any noise that can come from your movements.

Luckily, as mentioned above, Muddy stands come with additional silencing features and should not give you any problems in the noise department.  With silent rubber washers as well as silent coding on the tree stand material, Muddy treestands are known for ultimate silence and will never jeopardize your hunt.

Final Thoughts

While there are many options available when it comes to finding the right tree stand to suit your preference and your hunt, none are as sturdy and reliable as the Muddy Outdoors brand.

Muddy stands are designed with high-end features and unrivaled quality. Muddy Outdoors has managed to revolutionize tree stands providing hunter-driven specs, unlike any other brand on the market.

What sets Muddy ahead of the rest is their versatility, ranging from platform adjustments, ladder stands, seat adjustments, waterproof seats, accessory bags, silent straps, footrests and lightweight but strong aluminum construction.

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