On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite Feeder Timer

Feeding deer is easy; they eat almost everything—leaves, twigs, barks, fruit, nuts, etc. However, keeping them in one spot is a challenge. In fact, deer are nocturnal animals so they are most active at night, which makes using the On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite Feeder Timer useful if you’re wanting to feed them yourself.

In this case, understanding their behaviour is critical. To start with, they avoid staying in one spot for long. Them, once they are finished eating in one place, they quickly proceed to the next spot. How do you keep the deer in one spot so you can watch or photograph them?

Using a Deer Feeder: Background

A deer feeder is a tool that attracts the deer to come or stay in one spot you want. It contains deer food mix that they can eat. It helps wildlife photographers, or those who simply like watching them.

However, a deer feeder is hard to find in the market. The price of the feeder, hopper, or any mounting tool ranges from under $100 and up. Therefore, the first thing to consider when buying is your budget. Other factors to consider include: portability, construction quality, power source, how much feed it can hold, and if it guards against other animals.

It is important to choose a good quality deer feeder. In fact, it can be a big investment but it can be worth it too. In this case, make sure to buy something that is durable and will not waste any amount of food deer mixes.

Following from that, when it comes to deer feeders with timers, one best-selling model is the On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite. What makes it a best seller?

On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite Feeder Timer Only

On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite Deer Feeder Timer

  • The On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite has a universal mounting feature that fits on most hoppers. It is easy to connect so it won’t waste your time
  • Durability wise, the On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite is built with an aluminum housing that protects the other parts such as the LCD timer, battery, etc.
  • The On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite features a programmable LCD that is easy to operate. It is contained in a waterproof base to keep it safe from unwanted elements like water, mildew, and insects
  • This LCD functionality allows you to program it with 6 feedings in one day with modifiable length from 1-30 seconds
  • The On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite is powered with 15V (10 AAA batteries) so it can be efficient regardless of low-temperature conditions
  • The On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite also features an energy-saving motor with three speed settings
  • It also comes with a 90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty

Therefore, the On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite Feeder Timer is a rare find in the market. With the features listed above, what are the pros and cons, and what do users say about it?


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with most hoppers
  • Can program up to 6 feeding per day
  • Programmable, adjustable settings
  • Energy efficient
  • User friendly
  • Waterproof base
  • Low cost
  • Reliable


  • Batteries are sold separately, which means you will need to make another purchase
  • Small slot headed screw on the motor
  • Batteries may get dislodged, which can affect the timing of your feeding schedule


To recap, what will keep the deer longer in one spot? How do you guarantee that feed is wasted? In what way do you prevent the deer from going hungry during the winter? As we’ve discussed, a deer feeder timer can provide the solution for continuous feeding.

Whether you are a wildlife photographer, or simply like watching deer, and like to feed them when food is scarce, a deer feeder is something to consider.

When it comes to purchasing a deer feeder with a timer or hopper, some factors should be considered. What is your budget? How often would you like to feed the deer? What will be the power source of the feeder? Is it lightweight and easy to carry? Knowing your purpose for buying a deer feeder will help you identify the most appropriate brand.


In conclusion, one best-selling deer feeder timer is the On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite Feeder Timer. It has a durable waterproof aluminum construction that withstands the elements, and provides protection to other internal components. The LCD is easy to program. To clarify, deer feeder timers allow you adjust the schedule of feeding times and the duration of each.

The On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite is powered with 10 AAA batteries, which are sold separately. However, these batteries may become dislodged when the container is bumped.

True enough, deer feeders are a bit of an investment. The On Time 11113 Lifetime Elite is a little expensive but its quality is superior among other brands.

It’s one of the best deer feeders that also comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty to protect you from any unfortunate malfunctioning. No wonder many users are satisfied with the quality and features this timed deer feeder provides.