RainbowDay Deer Camera – Trail Camera Review

RainbowDay Deer Camera Trail Camera Review

Over the years, game hunters have looked hard to find new and better ways to hunt their prey. These include the use of technology to shape better hunting rifles and bullets, as well as coming up with better camouflage designs. Another way that hunters have upgraded their game is through the use of game cameras. Examples of this include the RainbowDay Deer Camera, that is strategically placed around the hunting area.

These can help identify deer trails and determine their behavior. This is especially the case at night when you cannot observe or see them. In addition, this is beneficial for large areas with a sizeable game population as it can tell you what kind of prey is available for the taking.

Most trail cameras work using infrared sensors which automatically activates certain triggers and capture whatever has passed in front of it. A number of hunters would leave them alone for a few days and come back to check for game pattern and population.

RainbowDay Deer Camera Features

Quite a number of trail cameras come with nondescript features and colorings. These allow them to blend in the general environment. This one is a fine example of a hunting camera that has a camouflage coloring. Not only does the RainbowDay have that desirable coloring, but it also has the following features:

Picture Quality

This model comes with a 16-megapixel lens. These take brightly colored day pictures and high-contrast grayscale pictures at night. The effective range of the HD lens is 20 meters.

Video Capability

This camera also has a video recording capability of up to 10 minutes. However, this depending on the size of the storage installed while it is recording. Videos taken with this model comes out at 1080 full HD resolution.

Audio Recording

This device also has a built-in microphone that does record the sounds at night, especially that of animals which will be a great addition to your already robust data of pictures and video.

Trigger Speed

The trigger speed clocks in at around 0.2 seconds, which is one of the fastest there is. This speed ensures that images and videos are captured as soon as movement is detected within its range.

Detection Range

The trigger has an effective distance of 65 feet, and its 3 PIR design gives it a sensing angle reach of 120 degrees, providing it with a wide range to detect motion in.

Infrared Technology

The RainbowDay Deer camera has 46 built-in 850nm invisible IR LEDs with a fully automatic IR filter and a low glow red flash. This provides you with great images and videos without having to produce the bright flash that can startle animals and shoo them away.

User Interface

This device features a 2.4 inch LCD screen that lets you scroll through the pictures without having to connect it to a laptop or desktop computer. This screen also lets you toggle the menu and change the settings as needed.


This model comes with different modes like time lapse, full video, image only, interval shooting and even burst mode. You can also have it record the time-stamp of when it took the pictures as well as the moon phases and temperature at the time of the trigger.


The RainbowDay Deer Camera can be inserted with a TF card, Class 6 and above with a maximum capacity of 32GB. It also comes with a mini USB port so you can connect it to a computer and transfer your pictures for a larger viewing experience.

Mounting Options

This device comes with a mounting strap as well as a wall mount and some screws so you can affix it to any tree in your hunting area or any fixed wall around your house if you want to.

Power Source

Four AA batteries need to power the RainbowDay Deer Camera, although it can hold up to eight AA batteries for maximum power. An external power supply can also be mounted as backup or main, depending on your preference.


This model comes with an IP56 waterproof rating which protects your camera from the outside elements. This is especially important since you will be leaving it on its own for extended periods.


  • High-Quality Photos – this model takes acceptable photos in any mode and provides clear and detailed pictures each time.
  • Easy To Set-up and Use – mounting this trail camera is very easy, especially if using python mounting cords. It is also very easy to set-up, just point it in the direction that you want to set the triggers, and off you go.
  • Small and Unnoticeable – the small size of the unit is an advantage as it is hardly noticeable to human eyes. This also makes it less susceptible to theft and intentional damage. The camouflage coloring also lets it blend into the foliage so it is hidden from animals.
  • Waterproof – the high waterproof rating of this device means that you don’t have to purchase or build a camera housing to protect it from the elements.


  • Short Battery Life – the Rainbow day can take up to eight AA batteries. Although it can last up to eight months in standby mode, that would only last about two weeks during full operation. It is recommended that you use high-quality, long-lasting lithium batteries or rechargeable ones for long battery life.


This device is an excellent addition to a hunter’s or outdoor enthusiasts arsenal. This is especially considering its versatile features and its ability to blend with the surroundings. The very low, red flash and the invisible IR LEDs combined with the 16MP CMOS lens gives you great quality images and videos, both day and night.

The waterproof casing and the 2.4 inch LCD screen allows you to manage the model without having to open any prefabricated housing and what not. The exterior casing can also be locked to seal the LCD screen and prevent any damage to it.


The AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera comes close to the features that the RainbowDay has. This means it has the same number of IR LEDs and the same detection ranges, as well as the same number of modes. The waterproof rating and quality of pictures are what give RainbowDay model the edge over AUCEE though. While the AUCEE camera has an IP56 rating, this is only for water-resistance. Unfortunately, this is very different from waterproofing. The output is also quite different with the RainbowDay providing less granular images and more contrast with its night time pictures.

Should You Buy One?

With its great features and high versatility, the RainbowDay Deer Camera is in a league of its own.

This super affordable model is small enough to hide from being seen. It is also easy to set up, provides high quality images and is waterproof as well. Make sure to place it facing known game trails and place it in a nondescript location for more effective use of this great hunting camera.

We highly recommend this choice as one the best brands available today on the market.

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