American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder Review

Deer feeders come in many designs and sizes, and in some cases, you must buy them piecemeal. So, you may have to buy a corn slinger with a timer, and for this you must add the bucket for the feed as well as find ways to mount it appropriately.

American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder offers many of these various designs for the deer feeder, so it’s a relief to find this American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder that’s pretty much complete.

Features of American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder

It does seem like the people at American Hunter anticipated most of your needs when they came up with the design for this 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder:

  • Let’s start with the bucket. This has a 5-gallon capacity, and it’s made with tough durable plastic to discourage varmints from chewing through it. The capacity is enough to carry your whole 40-pound bag of feed.
  • It’s also made to withstand the elements. It even comes with a waterproof lid so that you can make sure that the feed inside doesn’t get moldy.
  • It also comes with a handle, so it’s easy enough to hang with a wire or on a post.
  • The digital timer in this device allows you to dispense the feed from once up to 16 times a day. You can also adjust the feed rate to up to 30 seconds each time. The scheduling also enables you to pick the days of the week for the feed schedule.
  • This runs on a 6V spring-top lead acid battery, which, unfortunately, you have to buy separately.


American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder has garnered lots of positive reviews from owners and experts, and it’s easy to understand why.

  • First of all, the installation is not a problem. There’s no assembly process to worry about, since this product is extremely simple. Once you put it together (and that certainly won’t take long), you can just move it to the place you want to hang it. If you wish to move it someplace else, that’s not a problem either.
  • It is large enough so that you don’t have to refill the bucket too frequently. Since you can also set the feed schedule, you can plan just how long each feed bag will last.
  • The bucket is also quite hardy, and that’s a relief when you have to worry about the elements and the varmints. The waterproof lid really does its job so the feed doesn’t get wet, while the durable plastic is tough enough so the squirrels and raccoons can’t chew their way in. You can also do some research on the appropriate varmint repellants to put in.
  • The timer works very well and quite reliable. It really will operate at the times you specify, and it will work only as long as the duration you set. This allows you to control just how much feed you dispense each time.
  • It works with a battery, and it does so efficiently. You won’t burn through your batteries on a daily basis with this. Instead, you can buy one battery and that will last you through an entire year at the very least.
  • This is also very versatile in the sense that it doesn’t have to be just for your deer. If you have pets that bother you early in the morning because they’re hungry, you can use this to provide them with their food on a schedule.


There’s no such thing as a deer feeder that’s perfect for everyone, so of course, this one has a few drawbacks you’ll need to deal with.

  • The most obvious problem is that you need to buy the battery separately. This is annoying, since they could have just included They could have saved us the trouble. It’s probably to keep the price down, though.
  • The next problem here is dealing with raccoons and squirrels. If you don’t have this problem, consider yourself lucky. You may want to get a varmint guard, though this shouldn’t be a problem. Previous versions of this model came with one, though nowadays you have to pick up your own. This shouldn’t be a problem, though. It’s easy enough to pick one up and attach to the unit.


In many ways, this is an ideal deer feeder for many folks. American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder saves you the trouble of finding the bucket to fit in and it already has a built in mounting system. So, all you need is the battery. If you have varmint problems, a varmint guard will also be necessary.

What’s great about American Hunter 5-gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder is that you have programming options, and these are actually easy to set up. The whole thing works reliably, and the deer feeder is quite durable. This thing will work for many years to come, as long as you take care of the setup and the varmints!

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