Stealth Cam – 5 Reviews and Comparison Of Game & Trail Cameras

Anyone wanting to improve their hunting might be considering investing in a Stealth Cam. Setting these clever little trail cameras up will help you to track and better understand the game around your property. Good hunting starts with scouting your prey, and having a good trail camera setup will make a huge difference here.

If you are interested in taking your hunting to the next level, then a great trail camera is a must. It will help you to see better results at the end of the day, as well as gain more insight into your game.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Stealth Cam products on the market, and how to choose the perfect one for you.

5 Stealth Cam Game and Trail Camera Reviews

DS4K Dual Sensor – 30MP 4K Ultra HD Video

The DS4K is one of the most popular trail cameras that the brand produces. This is thanks to its serious quality in all fields. The first thing to note about this camera is that it’s the first 4K video trail camera on the market. This has given the product plenty of well-deserved hype.

This trail camera has a 30mpxl (interpolated) photo quality, as well as a video resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K). The native resolution of this trail camera is an impressive 16 megapixels, while most other trail cameras on the market are between 2 – 5 megapixels. This means that the DS4K is in a league of its own when it comes to picture quality. You can zoom in really far without disrupting the image. You also get some amazingly realistic colors.

Another great thing about this camera is its updated firmware for blur. You get clear images, day and night, no matter how fast the deer may be passing by. The good quality of the flash during the night is also worth mentioning.

Beyond the quality of the picture that this trail camera captures, the battery life also stands out. This camera can last about three and a half months in the field capturing 15-day and 15-night videos every 24 hours.

Besides its lack of internal viewer, the DS4K hits all the right notes. It’s easy to set up, durable, lasts long, and captures amazing quality images. This trail camera comes recommended for anyone who really wants to focus on their game.

Main Features

  • 4K video trail camera
  • 70 ft detection range
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good recovery times
  • SD card slot up to 512GB


XV4 Infrared – 22MP 1080P HD

The XV4 is all about advanced infrared imaging and high-resolution technology. This advanced trail camera is ideal for use at night, thanks to its next level night-time imaging. This is achieved through an advanced image sensor that captures images with amazing clarity and sharpness that you just don’t get with other infrared cameras.

The XV4 uses a Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction to capture fast-moving objects without losing any detail. The trigger reflex is less than half a second, allowing you to capture the game as soon as they are detected. This image sensor, combined with the smart illumination technology gives you some of the sharpest IR images – day and night.

The XV4 also has some pretty impressive video quality. It shoots 1080P HD video with audio. This trail camera is a 22-megapixel design, and its infrared range is 100 ft. The camera also comes with several quick set pre-programmed options for ease of use.

Beyond great image quality, this Stealth Cam has some cool programming features. The intuitive backlit menu allows you to use GEO-Tag GPS tagging, track the moon phase and date, set the camera on burst mode (up to 9 images per triggering), and much more. With this well camouflaged, fast working trail cam, you don’t have to worry about missing any animals that pass by.

Main Features

  • Advanced infrared technology
  • Matrix advanced blur reduction
  • 22-megapixel camera
  • Comes with great programming features
  • SD card slot up to 512GB


G45NGX No Glo Emitters – 22MP 1080HD

This brand makes a wide range of awesome trail cameras, and the Stealth Cam G45NGX is one of the most appealing for many hunters. This product has all of the great features needed for a game camera that performs well in all kinds of situations.

This model has a sharp, high-definition resolution thanks to its 22-megapixel camera. The video quality is 1080HD, with audio included. Even though the camera has a 100 ft flash range, it uses a clever system of no-glow emitters to make sure that the game doesn’t get spooked. This also works well for night time images with the camera’s retina low light sensitivity.

The G45NGX has a number of different programmable settings which can be achieved easily. You can adjust the active time setting, the video length, security modes, the recovery time out, burst mode, and more. The camera also has GEO-tag capabilities.

The G45NGX may not have the advanced infrared technology of the XV4, but it can still capture quality images day or night. This is an excellent mid-range trail cam that still gives you all of the quality features that you need, without over-complicating the design. Any hunter or game manager would be happy to have these units set up around their land.

Main Features

  • 22-megapixel camera
  • 100 ft flash range
  • Features several great programmable settings
  • 1080P HD video quality


PXP-36NGK Pro – 20MP HD Video

The Stealth Cam PXP-36NGK is one of the brand’s simpler trail cameras. This doesn’t mean that it won’t get the job done well though! Sure, this trail cam doesn’t take images that are as sharp as some of the other models. Its night time captures are also not as strong. However, the unit still has a quality camera that works fast at capturing game.

This camera has a 20-megapixel camera – a step up from many other trail cameras. This works at a 0.6-second trigger speed and captures at an 80 ft no-glow range. One of the cool features of this product is that it can illuminate well at night without spooking the game. The flash has been specially designed not to be overbearing.

Like their other trail cameras, you get some quality programmable features. This includes the useful burst mode to take pictures, and you can play with the resolution, delay, video, and picture functions. Being a straightforward product, this game camera is easy to use and set up. It is also nice and durable – perfect for harsh outdoor conditions.

Main Features

  • 20-megapixel camera
  • 6-second trigger speed
  • 80 ft no-glow range
  • Features some useful programmable settings


Trailhawk 24 – 14MP 720P HD Video

The Trailhawk 24 is a convenient little game camera with all of the handy features that an avid hunter would desire. While the image quality and sharpness could be improved, for a simple trail camera this unit performs well.

This game camera includes all of the great features that Stealth Cam users love. There is the option for HD video, a burst mode to take pictures, and quick set programming, which includes the moon phase, date, and time.

The camera is 14 megapixels, and it shoots video in 720p. You also get the useful no-glow emitters on this game camera, which range out to a distance of 70 ft. This allows you to shoot at night without spooking game.

Possibly the best thing about this cam is how easy it is to use. It features simple programming and quick set up so you’re ready to shoot in no time! This is also one of the brand’s better value offerings.

Main Features

  • 14-megapixel camera
  • SD card slot up to 32GB
  • 8 trigger speed
  • 720p video quality
  • 70 ft no-glow range
  • Includes some quick programming settings


Comparison Of The Models

Stealth Cam produces a wide range of amazing trail cameras. Depending on how serious you are as a hunter, and what your game camera needs may be, this brand will be sure to have a solution for you.

Although these products differ in terms of their camera and image quality, they also share some of the brand’s most desirable features. Between all of them, you can find some really useful programmable settings, durable and discreet housing designs, and effective no-glow technology. The trail cameras also all shoot quality video as well as take pictures.

For the serious hunter or game manager, we recommend choosing between the DS4K and the XV4. The DS4K produces some of the best quality images, while the XV4 has amazing night time capabilities. These are some of the best Stealth Cam units available.

The G45NGX is a great all-rounder. This game camera may not have the same level of high-end features as the previous two, but it still performs well. For any serious hunter that doesn’t require top of the line imagery, this Stealth Cam comes recommended.

The PXP-36NGK and the Trailhawk 24 are simplified versions of the other trail cameras. They still produce quality images and videos in a variety of situations. These trail cameras would be best for first-time users and those looking for a more affordable option.

Final Thoughts

Any hunter who wants to up their game should consider a Stealth Cam. These trail cameras will do so much for tracking and monitoring the animals on your property. If you are interested in these trail cameras, then Stealth Cam is always a great brand to consider.

This brand has some top products, so choosing the right one can be tricky. Whether you want to focus on the game at night, during the day, capture sharp images or video clips, then these trail cameras can do it all. Between the deer related products chosen above, you will be sure to find a game camera that is perfect for your needs.

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