Best Tailgate Feeder for Deer Review

Spreading feed over large plots of land by hand is exhausting. Using a tailgate feeder is the simplest way to feed deer or any animals you would like.

Whether you’re a photographer, hunter or just want to observe wildlife; this post reviews two of the best tailgate feeding models on the market.

What Is a Tailgate Deer Feeder?

These feeders also known as a road feeder are devices that are attached to the tailgate of a truck, SUV, ATV or any recreational vehicle that easily dispenses food to attract animals.

We review two popular models and provide their respective details to help you decide which one might work best for you:

ForEverlast Galvanized Steel Tailgate Feeder

ForEverlast Galvanized Steel ATV Spreader Hitch Mount, Truck Deer Feeder, UTV Feeder & Tailgate Feeder | Great as a Corn Spreader for Wildlife and Hunting, 50 LBS


A ForEverlast metal road feeder is as simple and effective as they come. It’s constructed out of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and promises long-lasting reliability in any weather condition.

Easily Hang it on Your Tailgate

This unit is easy to attach to almost any truck, SUV, ATV or UTV.

There are two brackets on the back to hang it on the tailgate. There’s no need for any tools other than a wrench.

Includes Power Cord to Operate Feeding Switch

There is a 12-volt cord that needs to be plugged into the vehicle to power the motor, and a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter with a switch to operate the feeder from inside the vehicle. 

Large Capacity and Easy to Use

ForEverlast Galvanized Steel ATV Spreader Hitch Mount, Truck Deer Feeder, UTV Feeder & Tailgate Feeder | Great as a Corn Spreader for Wildlife and Hunting, 50 LBS


This unit can hold up to 50 lbs of corn and other feed. Once you plug the device into the truck, the operator manually opens the tray just above the spinner to allow the feed to drop out. You can then flick on the adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter to start the even disbursement of food. 

Having control of the on/off switch from inside the cab guarantees no food waste in areas where it is not needed. 


  • Made from durable galvanized steel
  • 12-volt spinner motor
  • 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter
  • Holds 50 pounds of corn for deer and more


  • Made from durable materials to resist corrosion
  • Easily attachable with little or no tools
  • Lightweight
  • Price is quite low
  • Wired hand control for easy single button operation to prevent waste
  • Large pound capacity despite its size, as it can carry 50 pounds of corn for deer


  • Is not intended to hold over 50 lbs. of feed
  • Does not come with a trailer hitch receiver, only attaches to the tailgate


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Boss Buck 80 LB Capacity Road Feed Spreader


Boss Buck 80 LB Capacity Road Feed Spreader


Boss Buck has put together a multi-purpose spreader that is not only intended for feeding wild game, but can also be used to spread salt, sand, seed or fertilizer. 

This model was designed to be easy to hook up to an ATV, but can also be connected to a truck with a 2″ hitch receiver.

Unlike the model above, this does not hang off a tailgate. It has to be connected to an actual hitch receiver. It comes with a 2″ receiver in the box, as well as heavy-duty bolts, washers, and nylock nuts.

Wireless Remote Control for Feed Release

The Boss Buck tailgate feeder also comes fully equipped with a wireless remote control. It can be operated from the driver’s seat, and the feeder will run off a 12-volt battery. 

Alternatively, it can be plugged into the tailgate’s power source and operated by turning the vehicle’s lights on or off. You will not be able to use the vehicle’s plug-in for power while operating the remote. 

Adjustable Nozzle to Control Feed Flow

Boss Buck designed a new adjustable nozzle with a neck that floats up and down to either open or close to adjust the flow to the slinger plate. This allows for large material like fertilizer or corn to be spread – or small material like seeds. There’s also a slide valve on the front of the hopper for more control.

Easy to Load Feed Into


Boss Buck ATV Spreader with Adjustable Flow Rate, 4 Prong Tail Light Adapter and Receiver Hitch for Feed, Salt, Fertilizer, and Seed

This also holds quite a decent amount of deer feed, so you shouldn’t have to worry about refilling as often.

Highly rated by many Amazon customers. See this video of the feeder in action.


  • 80 pound capacity
  • Attaches to any 2” hitch receiver
  • Item Weight – 47.6 pounds
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Tail light adapter included


  • Wireless remote control
  • Adjustable slinger
  • Fits on any 2” hitch receiver attachment
  • Can be used for multiple applications
  • Holds 80 lbs of corn or feed
  • Lets an even flow of corn through
  • Feed application is easy to understand


  • Salt use can wear on the components
  • Remote can only be used when the product is running off of battery. It can’t be plugged in.


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About the Companies


ForEverlast has been around for more than two decades, and their slogan is “We Live Hunting and Fishing.” The company boasts of maintaining spirit and tradition through its products. They use their own experiences and adventures in every design. 

They continue to create new products and improve their existing lines using the feedback from their customers.

Boss Buck

Boss Buck has been dedicated to developing and innovating feeder systems for the last quarter century, and they boast having some of the most user-friendly equipment on the market. They offer a complete line of deer stands, deer feeders, deer blinds and road feeder parts. 

Tailgate Feeder Questions

Q: How Wide Will the ForEverlast Feeder Swath or spread Corn?

A: About 4-5 feet.

Q: Can I Spread Salt in the Boss Buck model?

A: Yes, but it has to be washed and dried afterwards. Oil should be applied to the motor shaft once dried.

Q: Does the ForEverlast Come With Mounting Hardware?

A: Yes. It comes with brackets that hang the unit on the tailgate of your vehicle.

Should You Buy a Feeder for Your Tailgate?

It’s not easy attracting deer to your feeder or any open area, it requires extreme patience and ways to coaxing them.

Giving animals an easier food source can bring them in for photographs, use a hunting tag or enjoy the sights of nature. 

When it comes to looking for some of the best tailgate feeder models, these two are best considering price, reliability, ease of use and customer service. Stop wasting time walking long distances, carrying heavy bags and dropping feed by hand. Check one out today and let the road feeder do the spreading for you.

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