The Basics of Using a Deer Feeder

A lot of thought and deliberation go into using a deer feeder. Choosing from the various types, models, and features on offer is a feat in itself.

Whether you’re fond of observing deer in their natural habitat or like to take part in hunting season, a deer feeder is a great addition to your property.

Here’s everything you need to know about using deer feeders:

What to do before Using a Deer Feeder

Before you begin using a deer feeder, it’s important to know what state laws say about it. In some instances, using a deer feeder is illegal before and during hunting season.

Knowing the regulations in your area is an important first step before you set up your deer feeder.

These range from absolute bans to lax regulations that allow you to attract deer to your property freely.

Know the types

Deer feeders come in a number of types, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on your needs, budget, and usage, you can select the best deer feeder for you.

Traditional deer or game feeders allow you to fill up the feed and allow the animals to graze on it. Gravity feeders are equally simplistic devices that you can fill up and store the feed in. The food is released as it is used by the deer.

If you’re looking for more technologically advanced machines, there is a wide selection for you to choose from.

Automatic feeders come with timers that will disperse the food at specific intervals; this gives you greater control over the amount of food you distribute and when you attract animals to you.

Or you can use a simple design like a trough style where you fill it with feed and leave it for any animal to graze upon.

Depending on the frequency of maintenance you want, you can opt for a battery or solar operated feeder that disperses the food without your intervention.

Installation difficulty

You probably won’t receive a lot of assistance when assembling your deer feeder. Some feeders aren’t easy to assemble, especially ones that are more technologically advanced.

Whether you want to assemble and set it up yourself or get a pre-assembled one that you merely have to set up, choose your feeder wisely.

deer feeder parts

Ease of use

Getting a best deer feeder kit isn’t as simple as purchasing and setting it up; you need to take into account how frequently you’ll have to refill it as well. It’s imperative to pick a model that is easy to handle, offering durability against the elements and other animals as well.

By now, you’re probably clearer on what to expect when you are using a deer feeder. Let us help you make the perfect choice. Feed That Game has in-depth reviews of the best deer feeders out there, no matter which type you want.

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