TOGUARD Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Game Hunting Cameras

Toguard trail camera 16mp 1080P game hunting cameras

If you are on the lookout for the right trail camera, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices available on the market. Do not fret. Today, we feature the TOGUARD Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Game Hunting Cameras with Night Vision. This may be the right gear for your needs. Read on below to find out if your search is over.

Trail cameras are simple but purposeful devices. It comes in a range of features that can overwhelm the beginners and confound the veterans. This particular model boasts advanced technology and features which we outline below.

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TOGUARD Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Game Hunting Cameras with Night Vision

Great for daytime or nighttime use

This camera can work well whether it is day or night since it is capable of recording 1080P Full HD Resolution, and it is also fully equipped with a 16MP camera. It can capture vivid colored scenes during the night and clear photos during the day.

Amazingly quick trigger speed

This device has a 0.8-second trigger speed which allows you to shoot constantly without missing anything. It is just the right gear you want to hold when moments to live for come by.

Night vision capability

Sometimes we not only use our trail or deer cameras for daytime activities because surprisingly the wildlife is equally fascinating to shoot at night. The problem is that they tend to get easily scared when there is any bright light or noise.

As you want to be careful not to intrude and disturb their natural habitat, this gear provides night vision capability and uses 42pcs black infrared LEDs that are low glow. It does not emit any bright flash of light when used.

Motion detection recording

You cannot always be awake to shoot and record. In your down times, you can rely on this product’s motion sensor to do the job for you.

Fully equipped with 120-degree motion detection and 100-degree angle for lens view, these specs make it possible to record movements and capture beautiful photos at night. If you opt to use it in the daytime, it can also procure a lot of exciting and candid images of wildlife.

Easy to operate

Sometimes the problem that most people encounter with trail cameras is it is not very user-friendly. Thank heavens the Toguard is the complete opposite.

You can easily set it up and power it up with the prescribed batteries. Most of its settings are already configured for trail or hunting sites.

Sturdy and rugged design

As trail cameras are usually left in the outdoors for long periods, it is essential that your gear should be able to withstand weather conditions. Whether it is rain or dust, this camera is capable of surviving harsh weather.

This means you can continuously shoot and record without concern for whether your gear is working or not. It is also designed to be big and sturdy.

Mount and tripod ready 

Sometimes the best spots to leave your trail camera is in precarious areas. The great thing is that this gear can be mounted just about anywhere.

It can be used with a tripod, and it also has brackets that are compatible with straps. It provides a lot of support and stability thus can produce clear and vivid photos and recordings instead of shaky and blurry outtakes.

Now that we have learned all the features of the Toguard 16MP 1080P Game or Hunting Camera, it is now time to be acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages.

With the dozens of available trail and the best deer camera models on the market, some of which have the same specifications and features, it can be hard to figure which one is the best gear to go with. The ideal thing to do is also know the advantages and disadvantages of your shortlisted products.

Advantages of the Toguard Trail Camera

High performance and specifications

Since it is equipped with a 16MP camera and 1080P Full HD resolution, you will be assured that it delivers high-quality photos and videos.

LCD screen

There is a sense of fulfillment when you see the photos or videos you take in an instant. The Toguard camera has an LCD screen to enable playback.

0.5-second trigger speed. 

With its exceptional quick trigger speed, you do not have any excuse to miss any fine moments.

Easy to configure and use

With all the advanced trail cameras out there, sometimes all you want is something simple but gets the job done. This Toguard camera is not only easy to set up, but it is also easy to use.

Great for taking pictures and videos in the dark

We all have those moments where we cannot take good pictures during the night. The nice thing is that this gear is capable of taking black and white photos or recording. You will not miss out on nighttime activities.

Very durable

The purchase of a trail camera can be expensive, and you want something that would last for a long time. The Toguard’s is designed for durability and adverse weather. It is a good investment if you will be using it a lot.

Motion detection

Since trail cameras are often also used for nighttime recording, a motion detection feature is a great advantage. It lets you continue recording without supervision or even when you are asleep.

Multiple uses

Aside from trails and hunting, this gear can also be used at home for security and surveillance.


  • Battery is not included in the package
  • Memory card is not included in the package

The Verdict

The TOGUARD Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Game Hunting Cameras has a wide range of features that suit beginners and veterans. It is capable of recording in full HD resolution and can take high-quality photos with its 16MP camera with 0.5-second trigger speed, 120 degress wide angle lens.

It has an LCD screen for instant playback. Additionally, to withstand weather conditions, it is designed to be durable and sturdy. Aside from that, you can also use it at night because of its built-in low-emitting infrared LEDs.

Unfortunately, this product does not come with batteries or memory cards. You can easily remedy this with a separate purchase. As you can see, the advantages exceed its disadvantages.

In the end, if you are looking for your first trail camera, then the Toguard 16MP 1080P Wildlife Scouting Hunting Camera is definitely a great model to consider.

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