Top 4 Spots To Place Your Trail Camera

Without a trail camera, you’re losing out on a lot of deer information in your region without even knowing it. Whether you need to know more about your hunting opportunities or want to observe deer, a trail camera can give you a wealth of valuable information.

Instead of just using one in only the hunting season, you can utilize it all year round to maximize their value. The success of your hunting endeavors can greatly depend on where you place your camera.

Trail camera strategies aren’t just to catch beautiful pictures of deer in the wild; they serve a variety of functional purposes as well.

Reap the optimum benefits by placing it in ideal locations.

Here are the top spots for trail camera placement:

Water sources

Search for water sources near you, it’s likely to serve as a water hole for several deer in the area. Whether it’s a spring, creek, river, or pond, deer are bound to come there for a drink at some time during the day.

If you’re placing them in the summer heat, make sure the water source doesn’t try up during the hotter weather. A reliable water source is usually a frequently visited by deer.

Food sources

Deer rely on foliage in the area as a food source. A high-value food source will have a great concentration of deer, especially through the summer months.

Lush plots of greenery and cornfields often serve as feeding grounds for deer. During the summer months, in particular, these animals will be seeking high-protein and nutrient-rich food to prepare for the colder weather.

Setting up a trail camera up near a food source is guaranteed to provide you valuable deer images.

deer grazing

Staging areas

Deer staging areas are a comfortable, safe space for deer to gather before they go out to feed. Complete with the best kind of cover, escape routes, and safety, these areas are a prime location because deer are at ease here.

Keep in mind that deer often stay in the staging area very briefly before they move on to their food source. You’ll be able to catch big herds here, they don’t tend to stay for very long.

Travel corridors

Deer spend most of their time feeding, drinking, and sleeping. Deer trails are often areas that they pass through on their way to these activities.

Owing to the frequent activity every day, travel corridors serve as great spots for trail camera placement. Since the deer are passing by, you might be able to spot deer that aren’t residents of the region as well!

Placing one on deer trails gives you valuable information about their traveling habits and concentration.

Now that you know where to place your trail camera, it’s time to find the perfect one. If you’re still confused about which one to pick, we’ve got all the information you need.

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