Victure Trail Camera Review

Victure Trail Camera Review

Did you know that there are a few different reasons as to why you might need a device like a Victure trail camera? In fact, approximately 16.9 million people in the United States use them for hunting. However, trail cameras can also give you a clearer insight into all other activity that might happen on your property.

From tracking pesky critters that get into your garbage can or deer feeders, to knowing all of the different species of birds around your home, cameras, such as the Victure Camera, can be quite useful.

Before you decide on a specific trail camera for your campgrounds, commercial or residential property, it’s important to take note of their very good features, pros, and cons.

Victure Trail Game Camera 1080P 12MP Wildlife Camera Motion Activated Night Vision with 2.4 inch LCD Display IP66 Waterproof Design for Wildlife Hunting and Home Security

Features of the Victure Trail Camera

  • 12 MegaPixel video and picture capturing
  • 1080p video capturing
  • Up to three pictures per trigger
  • .50 trigger time
  • Up to 65’ detection
  • Low-glow black IR LED flash
  • Multiple recording modes
  • Password protected
  • Low-battery alert
  • Two-inch LCD screen
  • IP66 waterproof casing


100% quiet picture taking:

When you take pictures of wildlife that can be easily startled, you’ll appreciate the Victure Trail Camera. This is because it is 100% quiet when taking photographs both in the daytime and nighttime. Unlike other models, where they offer a “low picture taking shutter sound,” this model is entirely silent.

External and internal power source ports:

Depending on where you intend on mounting your camera, it comes with both external and internal power source ports. You can either use a power adapter and plug it directly into an outlet or use eight AA batteries for portability.

Withstands different types of torrential weather conditions:

Due to its high IP66 waterproof casing, this particular trail camera is designed to withstand a variety of different types of weather. From snow to heavy rainfall, you won’t have to worry about moisture making its way into the delicate mechanical components or the lens.

Comes equipped with necessary mounting equipment:

One of the largest advantages to the Victure Trail Camera is that it comes ready to use right out of the box, including all of the mounting equipment. You can affix it to the side of your house for security, to trees in your yard, or even to your vehicle.


Highly sensitive trigger:

Although many might assume that a sensitive trigger is important, one concern with this model is that the trigger is too sensitive. You might find that after reviewing your photo and videos, you might have captured images of nothing. This could be as a result of grass or tree limbs blowing in the breeze and setting the camera off.

Low field of view when taking nighttime photos and videos:

In many cases, the low-glow black IR LED flash can be beneficial, especially when keeping the camera invisible to game. But it can work against you in other ways, such as providing a low field of view when you’re taking nighttime videos and photos. Subjects will have to be a lot closer to the camera to capture all of their details.

Recommended for people who have used trail cameras in the past:

Unfortunately, setting up the Victure Trail Camera can be a task, especially if you’ve never used a trail camera before. The instructions are relatively vague and do not explain all of the integrated features in full detail.

Ideally, it’s recommended for people who have previous experience with trail cameras and know the optimal settings for what they’re trying to capture.

Up to Three Pictures per Trigger:

You never know what type of activity is happening around your property until you have images and video to review. Instead of capturing a single photo per trigger, this trail camera captures up to three photos at a time.

Although this may make it a little more time-consuming to review all of the captured data, it certainly gives you a clearer understanding of the activity around you. 

Low-Glow Black IR LED Flash:

Designed to be as stealthy as possible, the Victure Trail Camera offers a low-glow black IR LED flash which is designed to illuminate subjects close to the camera at night without alerting them.

Multiple Recording Modes:

Depending on how you intend on using your device, you might appreciate the multiple recording modes that you can choose from, including interval recording, timer, time stamp, time-lapse, and more.

Low-Battery Alert:

Another feature that you typically won’t find in other trail cameras is an indicator that lets you know when your batteries are on their last legs. This is particularly important for people who have opted for the internal power source rather than an external power adapter.

You’ll always be able to know when it’s time to switch out the batteries so you can continue using the camera to its fullest ability.

Comparison of Trail Cameras

When compared to the best trail cameras on the market, the Victure Trail Camera outperforms in a few different ways and is comparable in others. Some of the most important things to think about when you’re deciding between this model and another include:

Photo and Video Quality:

With the ability to take up to 1080p HD video and 12 MP images, you’ll have stunning data that you can accurately review on your laptop or desktop computer. The higher the quality of your images, the easier it will be to see different types of game that might be in your area as well as their specific features.

Other trail cameras, such as the ENKLOV models don’t offer as high of a picture and video quality as the Victure series.

Trigger Speed:

The majority of trail cameras offer less than one-second trigger speeds. However, what sets this design apart from other models is the fact that it can take up to three pictures with a single trigger. This allows you to see more than you would with a traditional trail camera and it’s an automatic function built into the unit.

Low Battery Alert:

It is far too often that hunters find themselves missing out on big game as a result of a trail camera with dead or dying batteries. With the help of the low battery alert, you will always know when it’s time to replace the batteries. This will ensure that the camera can continue to capture great videos and images throughout the day and night without having to go into standby mode.


At the end of the day, you’ll surely learn that the Victure Trail Camera is a phenomenal option for you to choose from when it comes to staying apprised of activity on your property. A few reasons to have this model in your toolkit include: multiple shooting options, low-profile design, image, and video capturing, waterproof and dust-resistant housing.


Finding the right option can be a hassle, especially if you’ve tried multiple designs to no avail. Your best bet is to consider their features, pros, and cons. This is in an effort to clearly understand whether a particular model will suit your particular needs. Whether you are using it for wildlife use or around the home or business will determine which camera is right one for you.

When it comes to the Victure Trail Camera, it is fully adaptable to multiple user situations and will make it much simpler to keep track of the types of wildlife on your property. Check it out today.

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